Trump lawyer just said Rockefeller not subjected to this when he became VP in 1974. False. He released his taxes.
Latest Scoops
Resisting Trump Is Easy With Michael Moore's 10-Point Plan. Best idea: Call Congress EVERY day, like brushing teeth.
What Our Children Show Us -- and the World | RealClearPolitics My feelings exactly.
Don't dismiss President Trump's attacks on the media as mere stupidity Terrific @StephensWSJ speech. Must-read.
Deep State Paranoia | Milo Civil War | Uh Oh Canada Terrific new site for anti-Trumpsters to keep tabs on dark side. Terrific new "Red for the Blue" site to help keep tabs on dark forces.
Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter explains why Trump is our own Dear Leader.
Clear violation of emoluments clause of Const and thus grounds for impeachment. Don't hold your breath.
Watch McCain school--and KO-- Spicer and Trump.
Sincerely, Niccolo Machiavelli: An open letter to Trump, from the guy who wrote the book on power moves.
No one has a right to appear on a TV show.
Going on MSNBC shortly re why press is the friend of the people. Balance is good but truth is better.
No journalists should go. Not the year to show off sources. Let's raise the $ for scholarships--the ostensible point--in other ways.
Eminent Psychiatrist Demurs on Trump’s Mental State Worth reading for the larger diagnosis.
Re: Pres Blowhard's presser. With #Russiagate and toxic incompetence, he's only fooling fools, even with his Orwellian "fake news" jujitsu.
Here are Justice Dept regs that make it crystal clear why Sessions needs to name a special prosecutor. Zero ambiguity
Here are Justice Dept regs that make it crystal clear why Sessions needs to name a special prosecutor. Zero ambiguity
Ryan says Intell Comm can handle #Russiagate.But Chair Nunes was head of DT Intell transition.Imagine if this were Dems! Indie probe needed.
McConnell and now Ryan are saying re pre existing conditions: "You better not get sick in the wrong state." PS: high risk pools have failed.
Flynn episode ‘darkens the cloud’ of Russia over Trump. Don't forget Manafort, Carter Page, Donnie Trump in 2008.
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