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Emily's husband; Charlotte, Tommy, Molly's dad. Author, FDR, Obama books. MSNBC analyst, DailyBeast columnist. Co-host, Sirius XM Alter Family Politics.
Latest Scoops
Hypocrites: Guns allowed in Atlanta ConvCenter any time except when Trump addresses NRA. Will discuss on MSNBC at 4. https://t.co/v0W4AXNDXZ
House Love: Moving a Home in India 1,500 Miles to Save It - We visited this gorgeous house in Jan. with author. https://t.co/sYsNCm4UCE
The new book by Benjamin Barber, a great and passionate public intellectual and good guy who just died. https://t.co/3AW1R3KIxF
Sen. Warren learns she dethroned Bill O'Reilly from the NY Times bestseller list. Exultant on Alter Family Politics https://t.co/WzTUcXX0FX
Warren 'troubled' by $400000 Wall Street Obama speech. Our "Alter Family Politics" SiriusXM story is everywhere. https://t.co/XlgOD4HSF7
My take on Trump claim to historic 100 days. For more on FDR, see my book "The Defining Moment" re his 100 days. https://t.co/A0fAAzK4fK
Revamped @jonathanalter.com website thanks to Steve Keller.
Great point by @mattyglesias https://t.co/YQ3hoIb30M
About to cover Trump at Holocaust Museum on MSNBC. If his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement is any sign, he may forget to mention Jews.
Wow! Great idea and the man to make it happen. https://t.co/qnuX0or6uY
Follow up should be: "Critics say this amounts to discriminating against the sick and a form of 'medical apartheid.' What's your response?"
Sunday show anchors asked guests if they backed "waivers for states to create high risk insurance pools." Ugh.
Here's cast of "Baghdaddy!", the great funny, disturbing musical about how CIA folly gave us the Iraq war. Opens 5/1.
Here's cast of 'Baghdaddy!', the great funny, disturbing musical about how CIA folly gave us the Iraq war. Opens 5/1.
Response to new GOP health plan should be simple: It discriminates against the sick. That's just morally wrong. https://t.co/pjwylXGwcR
Trump Revives Talk of High-Risk Pools -They are PROVEN failures. More sickism-discrimination against the sick. https://t.co/6UXj16mClB
Getting ready for "Alter Family Politics" at 10am on SiriusXM 102. Will Charlotte the artist like Bush's paintings? https://t.co/F42imq1WDA
Fox News Fires Racist Bill O’Reilly,Promotes Racists Eric Bolling and Jesse Watters - The Daily Beast. Future of Fox https://t.co/GN9rhiilg6
EPA is major target after Trump solicits advice from industry - Who is looking out for workers and public health? https://t.co/C20EjQ0qGH
This NYC march has some great characters.
This NYC march has some great characters.
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