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Emily's husband; Charlotte, Tommy, Molly's dad. Author, FDR, Obama books. MSNBC analyst, DailyBeast columnist. Co-host, Sirius XM Alter Family Politics.
Latest Scoops
Vulnerable Repubs may think they saved seats by not voting for the bill. But Dems in 2018 can use the other 60 times they voted to repeal.
Ryan are lying about "death spiral". To continue to undermine ACA with no new bill is cruel and unpatriotic. https://t.co/3KCa8Bm57z
If Dems are smart, they'll cut the gloating short and graciously pledge to work with Trump to improve the ACA now that it won't be repealed.
Trump & Manafort lied by saying "no Russia contacts at all." If those contacts become hard evidence of collusion, impeachment on table.
Two days after saying anyone disclosing classified material should go to jail, Rep. Nunes disclosed classified material. Lock him up? Nah.
Is Nunes a hack, a water boy, a lackey or all of above? We need independent Commission As Schiff says,collusion evidence not circumstantial.
A President’s Credibility https://t.co/MXpUL03v35 via @WSJ That WSJ edit page said Trump is looking like "fake president" is a very big deal
Trump puts US in "Major Autocrat League" with China, Russia, not in minors with pansy NATO democracies. https://t.co/oYSGBXCvkI
My New Yorker take on why Breslin matters today. Stay tuned for more in the 2018 HBO documentary I'm co-producing. https://t.co/tB7ByaGXxI
And the "stabbed us in the back" narrative begins.....
Jimmy Breslin--tireless reporter, lyrical writer, tribune of the people. RIP.
For nearly two years, I've been working with two friends on an HBO documentary about Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill. Stay tuned.
Trump Budget Cuts Put Struggling Americans on Edge - https://t.co/xpS0t5tyJV. These are TRUMP voters. https://t.co/eFOp41LcoV
Now that Trump has "100%" endorsed House bill, he and Ryan and GOP should be made to own it through 2018.
Terrific @Olivianuzzi profile. https://t.co/tuI1hZmxaV
.@LynnSherr asks ala trees:If a TV lie is repeated on Twitter and nobody responds, does it fall on any ears at all?https://t.co/xWQJYCJL2L
With DCReport, David Cay Johnston — the man with Trump’s 1040 — wants to give readers a way to act on stories. https://t.co/0CGHR8SZud
A Beloved Old Friend Stares Death In The Face | The Reno Dispatch. Obamacare--its life and death. https://t.co/ExfIY0OjqN
Trump prepares to pass the world leadership baton to China - The WashPost Impt @FareedZakaria piece. https://t.co/H4jMmsP9Do
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