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Emily's husband; Charlotte, Tommy, Molly's dad. Author, FDR, Obama books. MSNBC analyst, DailyBeast columnist. Co-host, Sirius XM Alter Family Politics.
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Glad to see DT off to such a weak start--bad speech, small crowds, loony CIA appearance, snappish press secry. Scary still, but he will fail
My take: One last look back at an historic partnership between two men whose legacy won't be easily erased. https://t.co/sMxqJooSYt
Every time I think Trump has touched bottom, he exceeds my expectations and crashes through the floor.
My guess is that Obama's use of Biden as his "hidden proxy",as Obama described it to me, will fascinate historians. https://t.co/sMxqJoGtQ1
My second Biden piece: A detailed look at the Obama-Biden partnership and the VP's overlooked record. https://t.co/sMxqJoGtQ1
This assessment of Obama's legacy holds up pretty well even a year later. https://t.co/nSgb9DkP2d
How could Trump say he has no heroes. How about Frank Lavin's dad--and mine? Both WWII heroes. https://t.co/lysLv4YQb6
WH press corp shld define it's job as working sources to cover what Trump does, not what he or flacks say. #covertruth
Evicting WH press corps is hostile act but potentially good for country if reporters skip BS briefings and spend more time digging.
What's dangerous is Prez going to war with Intell community he will need to make tough decisions in a crisis. Trump has basically blinded US
This isn't totally new. Nixon had "enemies list" of reporters. Agnew attacked press. In end, the Const--and media--won. We will now, too.
Trump will succeed with around 30% of hardcore who will always hate the press. 63% already disapprove of him & will soon see he's a liar.
The good news is that it's on now betw media and next president. Don't bet against the press. Most of us won't be intimidated by this guy.
Jim Acosta of CNN right to fight Trump attack today and other reporters must do same from now on. Media is not supposed to be popular!!
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