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45 days after his murder and disappearance, symbolic funerals held for Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, as well as Mecca and Medina. His body remains missing so he was mourned in absentia.
Breaking: Florida U.S. Senate Race headed to manual recount. New totals show Scott leading Nelson by 12,603 votes, or 0.15%, within the legal margin for a hand recount. The margin widened slightly from an initial gap of 12,562.
New: Federal judge denies motion for an injunction to remove the state’s deadlines for machine and manual vote recounts. Ruling most relevant to Palm Beach County, which appears to be the only county in jeopardy of missing today’s 3 p.m. deadline.
New: Democrats have picked up another seat in the House as Democrat Jared Golden has defeated incumbent Congressman Bruce Poliquin in the Maine 2nd District.
No problem at all. He could have chosen a much easier path and didn’t.
@WalshFreedom And he volunteered - and did so for some of the hardest duty, leading a rifle platoon and carrying out missions behind enemy lines.
Breaking: US Treasury sanctions 17 Saudis for roles in Khashoggi murder under Global Magnitsky Act. Among them, former advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: Saud Al-Qahtani.
Don’t miss the wild events in UK this morning. “No deal” Brexit, fallen Govt, even a new referendum possible. Almost guaranteed is a more divided Europe.
New this am: Saudi Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty for 5 In Khashoggi murder, targeting those who were directly involved in “ordering and executing the crime.”
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