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15-time Emmy winning News Anchor/Consumer Reporter at @CBSPhilly Eyewitness News in Philadelphia. Thrifty-Irish-NYC Native-SetonHallGrad-Starbucks Addict

Latest Scoops

Last night the Broadway Theatre in Pitman hosted “Superstar. The Music. The Stories. The Carpenters.” featuring vocalist Helen Welch. As Helen sang I felt as if Karen Carpenter was actually on stage. I didn’t want the show to end! #Memories #GoodTimes
What a nice surprise we received from CBS3 viewer John Madden. Thanks John for the amazing artwork!
@EckeardB I always say that I can be hit by a bus at any time. When my time is up, I want to be sure that I'm smiling and surrounded by people I care about.
For your Friday, for your weekend, for every day ...
Busy Valentines Day in the studio. I surprised the ladies with doughnut bouquets from @FederalDonuts and @ThePhillyPops musician Daniel Wright played My Funny Valentine. I don’t know how I’ll top this next year!
Today I think I'd like to be known as the Chief Love Officer of our morning show.
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Apparently @RahelCBS3 and @katiefehlinger are expecting bouquets from me this morning. @chandlerlutz hasn't said a peep. The only bouquet I have in mind is Hyacinth Bucket (she pronounces her last name as "Bouquet" from Keeping Up Appearances...
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I think her favorite color is red James

The Most Relevant

Today is #NationalNutDay. I like all types of nuts ... especially when they are dipped in some sort of chocolate!
BREAKING NEWS: Two women are released after being held hostage as an active shooter situation unfolded at a UPS facility in Logan Township. Suspect was shot. and taken into custody.
Today is #NationalNappingDay. Yet another fake holiday day that I can really embrace!
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It's 4:50 a.m. and all I can think about is that it's #NationalFrenchFryDay. Who do you think sells the best fries?
No matter what your political affiliation, I think we can all agree on one thing. I wouldn't want to live under any other flag. #FlagDay
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BREAKING NEWS: US Attorney Bill McSwain announces charges against former @Eagles player @MychalKendricks for insider trading.
Put a fork in Sen. Lincoln Chafee. He's done. #DemDebate Sorry, every vote counts in the Senate, no matter what's happening in your life.
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