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Powerful & evocative writing here by @ianmaleney on the art of listening, illness, landscape, memory, family ties & leaving & returning to the home place. Superb reflections on the work of Brian Eno, Seamus Heaney & Pat Collins too.
The @RTEBrainstorm weekend review: National Children’s Hospital crisis, cookbooks, Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare, how to combat rural crime, reversibility in computation, Fortnite, a second Brexit referendum, methane emissions & climate change planning etc
Most read on @RTEBrainstorm: cooking the books: the recipe for a successful cookbook. By @spoonsandbooks @ditofficial
How Bright Club shows academics do have a sense of humour. At Bright Club events, academics & researchers use comedy to communicate their work to the general public. By @miona_falone @GMITOfficial for @RTEBrainstorm
Favourite new Spotify playlist: beats & rhymes from our man @petercurtin @rte2xm radio show - we’ll overlook the fact that he’s a Limerick hurling fan
Cooking the books: the recipe for a successful cookbook. By @spoonsandbooks @WeAreTUDublin for @RTEBrainstorm
Derry City FC & Brexit: hard border politics, soft border football. Ahead of @SSEAirtricityLg kick-off tonight, Conor Murray @DublinCityUni @IrishResearch for @RTEBrainstorm on the latest political issue to affect the fortunes of @derrycityfc
Most read on @RTEBrainstorm: how to combat rural crime. As seen in the UK and Australia, co-operation, dialogue, government funding & innovative use of new technology are essential, writes Ciarán Crowley @univ_lille
The bang of utter rancid bolloxology off that Ryan Adams piece in the Daily Telegraph...
Computer says no: why reversibility in computation is a good idea. Researchers apply reversibility to many different areas so what would it mean for computation? By @E73HS @connect_ie @tcddublin for @RTEBrainstorm

The Most Relevant

Remembering JR: a tribute to John Reynolds & how he changed the music game
Goodbye and thanks for all the fish: the very last word from On the Record after 10 years & 4,570 posts
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My final column for & is at - it has been a pleas & a privilege. Mic drop
Introducing The Rattler: a new regular-ish column for on all kinds of music & cultural stuff
"This Is the Sea" at 30: revisiting Mike Scott and The Waterboys' 1985 masterpiece
How Kpop not missiles is shaping how the world views Korea; for on the soft power of acts like BTS
Poets, acting, Nas, dyslexia, family, Croydon & not smoking weed: Loyle Carner on the making of "Yesterday's Gone"
Powerful, honest & brave piece by the mighty @UnaMullally - read it & then re-read it
Paying to play at the Killarney Festival of Music & Food: will your band pay to play a new, untried festival?
Here’s the running order for day 2 of Foxy John’s Dingle: 1pm; 2pm; 2.15pm; Pat Collins 3pm; Michael Keegan-Dolan 4pm, 5pm & 5.15pm. We’ll see you there
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