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And also - Labour reports Joan Ryan to the ICO alleging she is the MP who attempted to access data, but Ryan strongly denies that she did
Also tonight - Theresa May faces ministerial revolt over no-deal Brexit, with up to 22 expected to vote for plans to extend Article 50. Cabinet sources insist they would have to be sacked.
Corbyn inching closer to backing a second referendum under intense pressure from senior figures including Starmer to prevent more MPs from leaving the party and spike the guns of the TIG-ers
Responding to some of the reports, Ian Austin says he had not resigned from Labour and he is not leaving the party today - he has previously said he plans to take some time to think about it.
According to senior govt figures, the Attorney General’s plan A is a unilateral backstop exit mechanism with one year’s notice. Some cabinet ministers think it is promising, but others that it is likely to get short shrift in Brussels.
“Of the messages I’ve managed to see what has been common throughout is – don’t leave me with them. Which I think tells its own story.” - ⁦@heidiallen75⁩

My tic toc of yesterday - yes, another mad day in British politics
My write-through of today -

🔵 how the Tory rebels might have jumped next week but decided to fast-forward
🔵 how David Gauke sent the only message to try and persuade one to stay
🔵 MPs melting phones and colleagues who texted “don’t leave me with them.”
Can you imagine the public outcry if a Bangladeshi citizen was assisting terrorism in Britain and when the U.K. tried to deport them, the Bangladeshi government just revoked their citizenship and said, “sorry Britain; you have to keep them.”
A lot of "who funds you" being directed at TIG, which is the right question to be asking but possibly a bit premature. All they seem to own for now is a pretty shonky website.
Sourby calling out former Tory colleagues by names who she says are being "hounded" - Nick Boles, Justine Greening, Nicholas Soames

The Most Relevant

Seems appropriate today to tweet the greatest reader’s letter ever written #vote100
Labour MP comes out of the briefing. “Most surreal meeting ever. They are presenting a deal which is collapsing in front of our eyes. The projector doesn’t work. All anyone is talking about is Boris. It’s like the fucking Thick of It.”
Corbyn launches his campaign with attack on elites and establishment. May launched hers dropping into a golf club in a helicopter.
"If exit poll is correct, Labour has had biggest increase in popular support during campaign by any party in British political history."
Some alarming ICM polling in our story tonight - the most popular option with the public is now no deal 💆🏼‍♀️
First shot fired. SNP, Lib Dems, Green and Plaid Cymru write to Corbyn tonight saying failure of no confidence motion means party must support second referendum.
Inside Channel4: "But what does Bake Off mean now?"
"Bake Off means Bake Off."
"But what will Bake Off look like?"
"Bake Off means Bake Off"
The prime minister has confirmed to her cabinet that she will whip against the policy she has been pursuing for almost a year, urging MPs to reject something she has been describing as necessary and inevitable.
Can you imagine the reaction if Labour refused to release costings of its manifesto and refused to confirm if any future tax rises?
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