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Reporter for @ABSCBNNews & @ANCAlerts covering the National Police & disasters. Based in Manila.

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Where to watch the livestream of #Harapan2019, the ABS-CBN Senatorial Town Hall Debate


Harapan 2019:

Friday night lights. One of many favorite @ebedancel songs.
Delayed flight and basically me ATM
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Actual next stop: my second favorite place in #Dumaguete. 😂
Next stop on the lecture tour: Ateneo de Naga University and Bicol University in Legazpi! See you soon! 😊
Thank you @silliman_u! Here in Dumaguete for the 2nd stop in the PH leg of the #McLuhan forum series on journalism. Seeing kids interested in quality and responsible journalism gives me so much hope. 🇵🇭
Alam mo na lutang ka kung ‘yung pupuntahan mo ay sa Spotify mo na-type at hindi sa Waze. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The Most Relevant

"Sir, bakit may bandila 'yang mobile ninyo?"
"Malapit na Independence Day."
"June 12 pa sir."
"Hindi. Konti na lang, malaya na Marawi."
According to noted philosopher Miley Cyrus: We run things, things don't run we
"Ayoko na magsulat!"
"Bakit? Pagod ka na?"
"Hindi. La Luna Sangre na."

Priorities amp.
Top photo is one I took of #Marawi in 2010 during special elections.
Other photo is from today. 7 years later. After 5 months of war.
Gotta give props to that VTR for #PhiIippines. Showcasing the awesome island life here. #MissUniverse
Yung pine-pressure ka ng taong-bayan tas wala talaga. Hassle.
Thousands of protesters march in Commonwealth Avenue ahead of President Duterte’s third State of the Nation Address #SONA2018
Actual footage of me while watching #TheHowsOfUs:
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Wrote this piece on the ongoing clash. Hope you can read and share. This one's for you, Marawi.
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