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@AdamSerwer @ryanlcooper my actual answer to both those people is that these apparently imaginary Nazis murdered a member of my community just 5 minutes from my house
“Nazis don’t exist” says man whose online following is 50 percent Nazis
@_Almaqah i actually think it was disrespectful to serve fast food to a bunch of kids who accomplished something great and may never have a chance to dine with the president again
Changing the material conditions of society which I don’t think necessarily begins with “changing white people’s minds.”
@badginsburg Because the genesis here isn’t the individual attitudes of white people but the material realities of American life which were built on a slave/apartheid society.
(Insert disclaimer that this is a truncated and not terribly nuanced description of the both the problem and the mechanisms by which it operates.)
My last thought here is that while it’s fun to play the “how many people hold racist views” game the actual problem of racism isn’t the personal beliefs of individual Americans but a political economy that uses race hierarchy to determine & distribute wealth, opportunity, & life.
Anyway I have been told that this is a “banal” take so you’ll forgive me if this is all very boring.
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