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Speaking of Chuck Woolery being full of crap, the Scrabble game show wasn't even about Scrabble, it was about crossword puzzles.
@jneeley78 @trumwill @JGreenDC Shouldn't most game shows give people an appreciation of how random chance can greatly alter a person's fortunes?
Lenin wasn't one of these... Lenin wasn't one of these
Lenin wasn't one of these... Lenin wasn't one of these
2015: Pea guacamole
2017: Pea cake
2015: Pea guacamole
2017: Pea cake
And I'm sure he was like "who told reporters that? You? You?" And nobody admitted it, so the sources were fake.
Remember when Republicans prattled on about Obama showing insufflent commitment to our allies? Those frauds say this trip was a success.https://t.co/jmALsZYsi0
Ha ha we're all going to die
I thought they were both named after Barron Hilton, a real person whom Trump imagined to be his friend.
If there are incriminating emails, they're probably sitting in various people's Gmail archives, discoverable.
Maybe Trump just saved Greece.
Well, we've been complaining Germany doesn't spend enough. military buildup could increase German consumption, helping outer EZ economies...
To spin IN THE DIRECTION of him being a philandering cad
Seems like it would be more efficient for Germany to become a partner in the French nuke program than to build its own. Euronukes.
Remember how Trump was going to have a new Twitter process involving his lawyers?
Canada's John Kasich, Michael Chong, is not winning today's Conservative Party leadership contest: https://t.co/brOSr20TBw
One reason you wouldn't fire anyone from your shambolic administration is if basically everyone was in on some kind of legal wrongdoing.
when has Jack Posobiec ever been wrong about anything?
Like, I'm sure they're doing something. But people saying Trump's tweets may go through legal review likely really want that to be true.
I feel like these White-House-shakeup stories are inevitably driven in some part by the wishful thinking of the sources for the stories.
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