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Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller’s Investigators - https://t.co/beoHukBxQv https://t.co/l6Zennhfxg
WaPo: Trump’s lawyers seek to undercut Mueller’s Russia investigation

My larger point comes later in the thread when I suggest what he's actually upset about
He's staying with me!
@RubinReport interview requests should be made to @LPratapas -- thanks so much!!
New @Dannystrong movie about J.D. Salinger explores his struggle with PTSD -- looks great https://t.co/J8gif6jq2w
Alisyn Camerota's debut novel ‘Amanda Wakes Up’ https://t.co/mAa4HvUpTd #TheLead
please see 6 & 7 in thread
15/ Or he's upset about the thing requiring time travel. What are your thoughts?
14/ ...that when it came down to a tough decision as AG, loyalty might not be his overarching imperative.
Legal panel spars over whether OJ Simpson sentence was ‘payback’ https://t.co/Uu6QfH1O57 #TheLead
13) POTUS rather seems disappointed that Sessions didnt make it clearer to him earlier in the process that...
12/ Whether you believe Comey's claim POTUS wanted a pledge of loyalty, we know POTUS values loyalty to him quite a bit.
OJ Simpson paroled after 9 yrs behind bars https://t.co/qpojb3dsJx @sarasidnerCNN reports #TheLead
11/ We know from NYT interview and from prior statements POTUS is upset that a) Sessions recused himself b) didnt tell him ahead of time
Will Pres Trump family finances be focus of special counsel probe? https://t.co/SnUD2ZS5Ur #TheLead
10/ It makes no sense to be upset Sessions didn't tell him in December that he would recuse himself in March after a flap starting in Jan
9/ The chronology misses the point, however, when it comes to President Trump and his views of loyalty to him.
Pentagon: Trump's meeting with Defense Secy not ‘meaty’ https://t.co/4iJmj5tJ0k @barbarastarrcnn reports #TheLead
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