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Sorry if I messed up the thread there - I went to put the kids to bed between number 7 and 8 and got discombobulated
Hey folks - @KarenVaughn_GSM's book about her fallen Navy SEAL son Aaron just went on sale today--!

Major General Bernard Champoux holds Lauren Fenty, at the 2008 dedication ceremony of Fenty Hall on Fort Drum
Major General Bernard Champoux holds Lauren Fenty, at the 2008 dedication ceremony of Fenty Hall on Fort Drum
Everything that Kristen Fenty had been trying to push out of her head was true. She began to wail. Gretchen came over and took the baby.
No, Kristen realized. There's someone there.

She opened the door. Two men. An Army chaplain and a Lt. Col. who was a friend of Joe's.

Through the top panes of the front door she saw the screen door swing open.

Maybe that's just the wind blowing the door, she thought

Kristen heard something at the screen door.

Maybe that's just the heater clicking on, she thought.

Gretchen showed up at Kristen's door bright and early the next morning. "Was it Joe?" Kristen asked.

"I'm just a wife," Gretchen said. 26/
Moreover, Fenty's remains were among the last to be found because he had been strapped into the inner cockpit of the smoldering Chinook 25/
Official notification had been delayed because recovery and identification of the 10 men's bodies took longer than normal. 24/
Gretchen drove home and woke up her mother in law, who was staying with them. "She still doesn't know," she said. 23/
Kristen grew suspicious, so she called the rear-detachment commander, but got nothing. By midnight, Gretchen went home. 22/
Gretchen began to wonder if she had dreamt the conversation she'd had w/her husband. Then on TV cable news reported the chopper crash. 21/
They made small talk as Kristen put together care packages to send to Joe and tended to their newborn baby. It was all so surreal. 20/
Gretchen shook as she walked up to the Fentys' home. But when Kristen answered, it was clear she had not yet been told Joe was gone. 19/
The point was to get Gretchen back to Fort Drum asap so she could be there for Kristen when the news came in. She zoomed from PA to NY 18/
MAJ Richard Timmons' wife Gretchen was close w/Kristen, but was away on a family trip. Timmons, with permission, called his wife 17/
All 10 men were killed, including Lt Col. Joe Fenty. Everyone was devastated. And what about Kristen who had just had their baby? 16/
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