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CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent. Dissecting my tweets with Talmudic meticulousness will result in wrong conclusions. RTs do not = endorsement.

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Yes but that subplot about the plastic surgeon remains odd
Here's who is still planning to attend Saudi Arabia's big conference - CNN https://t.co/k6cybATtEX
7/ Q: I don't want to put too fine a point on it, but you haven't registered Republican or Democrat. Is that what I'm hearing you say?

SEC. MATTIS: I've never registered for any political party.
6/ ... -- not all young; some old men and women, too -- civilian and military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines working together.
So that's where I stand. That defines me.
5/ ... you can see that my portfolio is bipartisan by its very basis, and that is the protection of the United States. That's what President Trump has told me to do, and I eagerly carry that out, alongside probably the most selfless young men and women...
3/... Where am I today? I'm a member of the president's administration. And you have seen that President Trump's military policies, security policies, reaping significant bipartisan support....
4/... So my role...and I realize you all write about tension between this person and that, this administration and that party, and this sort of thing. But when you think 83 percent of the U.S. Congress voting the same way on an issue put forward by the Republican president...
2/ ...By that, I mean that in our duties, we were brought up to obey the elected commander in chief, whoever that is. And we've seen, over those -- since I was in the military longer than some of you have been alive, I have seen Republicans and Democrats come and go....
Q: Are you a Democrat?

SEC. MATTIS: You know, we're all built on our formative experiences.

When I was 18, I joined the Marine Corps, and in the U.S. military we are proudly apolitical....
Mattis: “I'm on his team. We have never talked about me leaving.” Talking aboard an Air Force plane on his way to Vietnam he said, “and as you can see right here, we're on our way. We just continue doing our job.”
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