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  3. an anti-trump protester screams 'no' as donald trump is sworn in as the 45th us president
An anti-Trump protester screams 'no' as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th US President
An anti-Trump protester screams 'no' as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th US President


Asked if she viewed Pres. Trump's canceling overseas congressional trip as retaliation for her urging rescheduling of State of the Union, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, "I would hope not. I don't think the president would be that petty, do you?" https://t.co/OThygYUgSE
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JUST IN: The White House press secretary says today President Trump will meet with Kim Yong Chol, the Vice Chairman of the Workers Party of Korea and Chairman of the Korea Asia Pacific Peace Committee.
VOTE: https://t.co/V9gA5C8ki0

Do you think there is anyone in the current Democratic field who can beat President Trump in 2020?
1. Yes
2. No

Could Dems' 2020 nominee be someone you've never heard of? https://t.co/0f952Ni4l8

2020 Dems face a choice: https://t.co/ef1ZZyPGxZ
As the Mueller probe keeps drilling closer to the president, the 53 Senate Republicans’ records and statements are being scrutinized for any signs of who potentially would ever break with Trump and vote for impeachment: https://t.co/lpIa89Js6Q
Analysis: If the evidence cited in a new BuzzFeed News report — stating that President Donald Trump asked his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress for him — exists, it's the most damning information to date for Trump. https://t.co/BycXZPTrqO
Yeah, hi: Mitch McConnell could end this today. Aides on Capitol Hill fear that a dramatic government failure may be the only thing to force President Trump and the Democrats back to the table, writes @mckaycoppins: https://t.co/ZAoexdevGW
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