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  3. dogs lick us because they know we have bones inside n they want em
dogs lick us because they know we have bones inside n they want em


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You know why the Senate feels free to vote a big bonus check to Kremlin pal, oligarch Oleg Deripaska who had Manafort dancing on a string and was at the middle of Russiagate? Because they think they can. They think you won't notice. They think you won't care. Are they right?
Again, I know this because they literally said this was their strategy, to me and every other reporter covering the house. It made sense, I guess, or maybe it was just a really successful pressure campaign. Either way, for years we all went along with it.
@AdamSerwer @pareene This is critical. There were definitely major shortcomings and flawed decisions. There are also things you’d want to differently now, because we’re in a different era, even if they made sense 7 or 8 years ago. But for a variety of reasons I think there’s a small chorus ...
Although local newsrooms have been decimated by cuts, there’s still plenty of energy left. Many reporters know what to do, they just lack the time and resources to do it. My take from our first year of our Local Reporting Network. https://t.co/m4KWaYUs5M
Last year, Schumer told AIPAC. "There's only one word for it; anti-Semitism. Let us call out the BDS movement for what it is. " He said we have to let BDSers know "they are actively participating in an anti-Semitic movement. " Yet he's been silent on Tlaihttps://t.co/16w1ZV9N19b
Katty - If you find that inside they have an an answer, could you FedEx it to Downing Street...
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