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most powerful countries 2019 1 us 2 russia 3 china 4 germany 5 uk 6 france 7 japan 8 israel 9 saudi 10 s korea
Most powerful countries, 2019.

1. US
2. Russia
3. China
4. Germany
5. UK
6. France
7. Japan
8. Israel
9. Saudi
10. S Korea
11. UAE
12. Canada
13. Iran
14. Switzerland
15. Australia
16. Turkey
17. India
18. Italy
19. Iraq
20. Singapore

(US News and World Report)
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The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
just in billionaire investor announces hes paying off morehouse college graduating class student debt
JUST IN: Billionaire investor announces he’s paying off Morehouse College graduating class' student debt
Sharyl Attkisson
when refused to investigate its own we turned to the courts now the court says govt spying on innocent citizen
When @TheJusticeDept refused to investigate its own we turned to the courts. Now, the court says govt spying on innocent citizens is ok & will go unpunished as long as govt. succeeds in keeping identities of the federal agents secret from the victim.
RT if you're interested
David Corn
it must have been damn hard for these 7 seals to become whistleblowers that was a brave act a pardon would ins
It must have been damn hard for these 7 Seals to become whistleblowers. That was a brave act. A pardon would insult these service members and make others think twice before taking such a courageous step.
Kyle Cheney
this from the new york times story on deutsche bank and the trump kushner transactions
This, from the New York Times story on Deutsche Bank and the Trump/Kushner transactions
The Hill
just in deutsche bank staff created suspicious activity reports for trump and kushner controlled accounts repo
JUST IN: Deutsche Bank staff created “suspicious activity” reports for Trump and Kushner-controlled accounts: report
ABC News
@ABC 1 hour
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live action bambi a washington resident caught a deer and rabbit sharing a tender moment in her mother s garde
LIVE ACTION BAMBI: A Washington resident caught a deer and rabbit sharing a tender moment in her mother's garden, reminding her of a real-life Bambi and Thumper.
Reuters Top News
box office john wick 3 knocks down avengers endgame with 57 million debut
Box office: 'John Wick 3' knocks down 'Avengers: Endgame' with $57 million debut
AFP news agency
breaking katyusha rocket crashes into baghdad green zone security services
#BREAKING Katyusha rocket crashes into Baghdad Green Zone: security services
@ajplus 2 hours
Video player
fasting during ramadan is difficult for uighur muslims in china as the govt restricts their faith
Fasting during Ramadan is difficult for Uighur Muslims in China as the govt restricts their faith.
USA Hockey
3 1 teamusa 3 45 to play mensworlds
3-1 #TeamUSA!

3:45 to play. #MensWorlds
Total(1) => 0.2362539768219 f_f_QM(2) => 0.030368089675903 indS(1) => 0.015256881713867 indM(1) => 0.00060701370239258 f_u_GN(1) => 0.024524927139282 f_f_dT(11) => 0.13884735107422 f_f_pTL(1) => 0.11449003219604