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Just wanted to salute @Oreo for getting the narrative right and showing the love between black fathers and their sons. It’s so important and needed in the world! Shout out to @wizkhalifa and his son Sebastian. 🖤
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Baz Luhrmann teases collaboration with Korean superstars @BTS_twt
She don’t usually smoke, but she does with me.
#Pulwama is something we cannot & will not forget.We’re all angry & it’s time to act. So act now,donate to the martyrs of Pulwama on There’s no better way to pay homage to them & show your support.This is the only official site,pls don’t fall prey to fakes
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Can’t cut corners climbing to the top.
.@JacksonWang852 joins @NerDiRich in-studio tonight at 9PM PT 🎙!

Who’s listening in? #JacksonWang
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Many of the progressive media outlets that trumpeted the #JussieSmolletHoax have gone dead silent. This is how fake news works: amplify the allegation and then suppress the truth when it comes out
Count your blessings not ya problems
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