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If you’re wondering what’s happening in the UK... it’s situation normal: political turmoil.

(Theresa May now expected to delay the Commons vote on her EU withdrawal agreement)
...and at one point, people just sat down and had lunch.
...one man told me he works for a big European company as a professional, but Macron’s Government is ‘deaf and blind’. A woman told me she wanted MORE co-operation in Europe. Another said Macron must go. It’s a hot mix of dissatisfaction, whatever your circumstances.
A few observations about #giletsjaunes.
Overwhelmingly, the protestors we spoke to were pleasant, accomodating, but passionate. There was radical elements among them who were just itching for a fight all day.
And there isn’t a singular message from the movement...
Tear gas, flash-bangs, rubber bullets on the Champs Élysées #giletsjaunes
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#GiletsJeunes protestors on the move down Champs Élysées - every shop boarded up
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A message from HM The Queen to the people of Queensland following recent bushfires...
Harry and Meghan are moving to Windsor...
After the press conference announcing he’d returned to the club this year, went around and shook all the journos hands. Never seen that done before. Pretty amazing. (And the fact that’s amazing should tell you something about other sports players)
Hey, you know how in Australia we talk about high speed rail every 2 years or so but never do anything about it?
Morocco’s just built its first line, (with French help) cutting journey times between Tangier and Casablanca from 5 hours to 2.
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