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White rice is a good source of carbs and the better half of many delectable food combos like dal-chaawal, rajma-chawal, biryaani. But it is safe to consume if you are diabetic?

Yes, low sperm count is curable. Here are its causes, symptoms and natural remedies.
Teen #smartphone usage is linked to rise in #ADHD symptoms.
Best home remedies for acidity and heartburn, these 7 foods in your diet promise quick cure.
Hot dogs and other processed meats can lead to manic episodes. #Mentalhealth #Meat
Number plates must for VVIP vehicles including President, says Delhi high court https://t.co/y2RWetVcK6
India and US hold meeting to further defence cooperation https://t.co/cOnSM7WMYn
ED files charge sheet in AgustaWestland chopper scam case https://t.co/nfc7T3Jm1r
In April, 39 per cent trains were delayed, in May, the figure stood at 40 per cent and in June 35 per cent of trains were late, taking the average delays to 38 per cent over the last three months. https://t.co/toljACejOK
Three sisters sexually abused for months in Mangaluru; city-based man held, four others absconding https://t.co/fImHjTgNuo
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