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This account is run by Hat Trick, who make HIGNFY. The BBC have asked us to point out it's nothing to do with them; the twitter feed that is, not the TV show.

Latest Scoops

After Trump misses memorial service due to rain, some suggest that if aides had described it as ‘pissing it down’ he may have attended.
PM faces more criticism from members of cabinet over Brexit ‘strategy’, although some say forcing them to resign one by one is actually a stroke of genius.
Lucky escape for Danny John-Jules after Strictly exit means he no longer has to visit Blackpool.
After missing WWI memorial service due to rain, President Trump returns to the US amid reports of a light drizzle:
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Mermaids, beef stroganoff and a pillow? It can only be Have I Got News For You. Tonight at 9pm, only on BBC One.
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EDL supporters angry at decision to stop Tommy Robinson making online payments, although others say it’s just the will of the PayPal.
Government insists large number of shop closures on High St is actually good news, as it creates more empty doorways for homeless people to sleep in.
After being forced to drop controversial orangutan advert, Iceland insists it will continue to support animal welfare, such as giving pigs blankets.
White House releases new footage of Jim Acosta incident:
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Report reveals 7,000 black and white televisions are still being used in the UK, although discounting the Rees-Mogg household it’s closer to 3,000.
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