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Is it a Tele?! Is it an Acoustic?! https://t.co
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Congratulations to @BoRhapMovie on their 5 @TheAcademy nominations, including Best Picture & Best Actor for Rami Malek!

Check out Roger Taylor's touring kit@dwdrums, and cym@ZildjianCompanybals were on display as part of the Carnaby Street Pop-Up Experience! 👑@QueenWillRock
Behold the @Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster! Its Fender + @Fishman_Music-designed Acoustic Engine delivers an unparalleled collection of acoustic & electric voices.

Se#NAMM2019e gui@TheRyanAdamstarist 's f@totally_todull demo + more colors at https://t.co/ZQV3QuJfke
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David Byrne guitarist @theangieswan stopped by recently to check out the @ernieball Music Man BFR Majesty in Marine Blue Sparkle - signed by @JPetrucci himself. Can’t wait to check out the 2019 Majesty line at NAMM Show later this week! https://t.co/ME1QcmmJeM
Made of forest-friendly Jett Black HPL, @MartinGuitar's auditorium body shape gets a matte-black makeover in the Custom X-000CE Sonitone Acoustic/Electric - $70 off through 1/23! #MartinMonday https://t.co/8qYHdwGsrp
.@gibsonguitar has officially announced the release of the @chriscornell ES-335 Tribute in Olive Drab Green - stay tuned to find out when you can get your hands one one at a Guitar Center near you: https://t.co/jJVmWLSyhp
Did we accidentally just make the most satisfying picture on the internet? 🤔

Shop the new #Chroma Series sticks from @ZildjianCompany: https://t.co/xTdJrdIfnt
Happy Birthday to country music legend @DollyParton! We asked our friends @LarkinPoe to make a special birthday cover of one of their favorite Dolly tunes "Jolene" - filmed backstage while on the road with @BobSeger in Fort Wayne, IN! https://t.co/HHtfbpsrWu
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The Guitar Center family is saddened to learn about the passing of Lorna Doom – bassist for LA punk icons The Germs. We were honored to have Lorna join us for our Rock Walk ceremony at our Hollywood store celebrating The Germs in 2008. Our thoughts are with her friends & family.
Looking to polish up your tone in the new year? Make your sustain sing with the @robertkeeley Compressor Plus - featuring the precision of a studio rack mount JFET compressor in a compact, portable pedal: https://t.co/f07Kc028yj
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