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The Guardian view on the mass death of insects: this threatens us all | Editorial


Did meme review last night with Justin Roiland from @RickandMorty
The guy that punches people in the face over a parking spot, has aggressively harassed paparazzi, and humiliated his daughter berating her over the phone eye etc is worried about a tweet that doesn’t even mention him? Okay🙄

Spare everyone your bullshit Alec!
“I’m not going to comment until I know the outcome of the investigation."

Strange she was all over it when she thought it could serve a purpose. Spineless spin.
The Jussie Smollett Hoax Is What Happens When A Culture Fetishizes Victimhood | Daily Wire
Oh, Don’t forget the homophobic slurs... this clown is such a mess it’s hard to keep track.
Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic fashion designer, has died at the age of 85
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Steve Hilton: Never Trumpers just hate that Trump is actually succeeding where they failed | Fox News
Adam Schiff: The Jussie Smollett of Trump-Russia Collusion
Instagram Deletes Donald Trump Jr. Post About Jussie Smollett, Claims 'Error' | Breitbart
I am extremely delighted that today AIADMK and BJP have concluded very fruitful discussions and we have agreed to jointly contest the parliamentary elections in Tamil Nadu & Puducherry as well as by-elections to 21 assembly seats.
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I'm flying Royal Dutch looking out the window it's cold misty raining i love this airlines do i have blue on my face i'm going to spend the weekend with my baby it will be the first time we seen each other in person y'all know what i'm talking about right?
Anyone shocked that John Wayne said this stuff in 1971 might want to go watch an episode of "All in the Family".
Couldn't resist tweeting this photo gallery of a baby African antelope born last week at Brookfield Zoo here in the Chicago area. It's the cutest thing you'll see all day.
I been waiting for this moment all my life Come and share this moment with me can you feel it in the air tonight I Remember don't worry how can I ever forget the first time i kissed your lips and the last time we met and here we are again.
Highlight: "This is bad news all the way around,” says @GloblAutomkrs’ John Bozzella about possible auto tariffs on the EU. “The price of every car sold in America will go up… auto employment will go down… overall the car market will shrink by 1.3 million units.” Full clip:
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The scent of sweet grapefruit the rain tapping on my mind one million years could pass that's what it would take for me to ever forget about my 1st *love after all this time *1million years i can hear her calling my name. pic via *IwantyoutoNomi
Good Morning MG what if your life was a movie; Mission Impossible and it all was a plot to fulfill a dream, not your dream mind you, and in spite of this trap would you accept the assignment knowing the outcome was already determined? *BerryYNWA
“All of us are looking with unveiled faces at the glory of the Lord as if we were looking in a mirror. We are being transformed into that same image from one degree of glory to the next. This comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”
2 Corinthians 3:18 | #RedNationRising
Like all great ideas, this one too seems like such an obvious thing to do... Huge applause for the duo behind this. Changing India..step by step.. @vinod_sahay can our Truck and Bus division support this initiative? #whatsappwonderbox
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We all can do something good to help someone. This Vietnam vet's dying wish was to see 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi His community came together to give him that and more
via * invisibleman_17 *TheLastJedi *StarWars *StarWarsBattlefrontII *StarWarsTheLastJedi
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