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Chief economics commentator for The Wall Street Journal. Author of Foolproof, an exploration of financial crises, disasters, risk and safety.

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It Utah, demographics is destiny; high birthrate and in migration fuels growth in labor force, investment, & income. By and@sechaney Sharon Nunn. https://t.co/GPzx6PmlPr
CORRECTION: I wrote this tweet from memory. Afterwards I found some notes I took after that conversation, according to which, they opened the account at Bogle's office, not on the hood of the car. Apologies.
Climate change now tops the business community's list of long-term risks to the world. Yet when it comes to policies that fix the problem, their passion dims notably. My column. https://t.co/LmROfbzASm
Back in 2013, his first year on the Fed, Jerome Powell was an enthusiastic proponent of ending QE, transcripts released today show. Last week, he acknowledged the bad things he thought QE could cause never happened, by @NickTimiraos https://t.co/f7tNO5Xy3z
Yes, in fact it's already happening. Participation for over-65's has risen about 10 points since the 90s. https
Japan is defying its demographic destiny. Since 2012, working age pop is down 4.7mn, but employment is up 4.4mn. How? by recruiting millions more elderly, female and foreign workers. Big & positive lessons for an aging world. My article: https://t.co/j0nMK7aIV4
"The digital economy is everywhere, and much of it is international without our even knowing it,” Anupam Chander tells @sdonnan. Outstanding piece on the below-the-radar boom in cross-border digital commerce. https://t.co/n4RyOI77zX
A week since #ASSA2019 and on NPR, @CardiffGarcia is nerding out on the Phillips curve. Mornings just don't get better than this!
The shutdown could end the longest streak of job creation in U.S. history, @EricMorath reports. If 380,000 federal workers are furloughed long enough to be counted as unemployed, that would swamp private job creation in January. https://t.co/dPm873ENeX
At that it's been "surprisingly lucrative."
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