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  3. president obama: this is not just an attack on paris, it's an attack on humanity
President Obama: This is not just an attack on Paris, it's an attack on humanity https://t.co/ibp5A3w3U8


Texas man found not guilty due to insanity in fatal church attack --> https://t.co/WyrgXxy0p0
"I think we can't say that Rudy Giuliani is cleaning this up," says Rep. Swalwell about President Trump's attorney's attempts to clear up contradicting statements. "He is just lying and when they get caught in a lie, they just change the story" https://t.co/wDG3p0DyYd
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Dunleavy calls for a government free of special interests: "All the insiders, all the political interests, all the groups used to manipulating government for their own interests, I tell you this: This is just not your time."
@ParveenKaswan @PiyushRaiTOI This is outrageous! Who was the leader? He should be prosecuted for instigating the attack. Such a difficult job for forest staff, least appreciated
Trump ‘almost had a heart attack’ when a woman was promoted to executive council of company: Ex-Trump casino president
Met a guy about 3 weeks ago talk everyday but he does this weird thing at 9 pm on weekdays he puts his phone on do not disturb and I don’t hear from him until the next day. Says he needs to focus for the day ahead. It just seems fi… — He’s with his wife. https://t.co/yV162OulC7
Juwan Morgan just got whistled for a foul. They're checking to see if it's flagrant. It's not.

Meanwhile Falzon is throwing them in at this point. So. #iubb
“Not to rain on the parade, but ...Why the heck did it take 20 months and a six-day strike to negotiate this contract?
That can only be seen as a failure of leadership, all around, and not just by the district and the union.” - ⁦@LATstevelopez⁩ https://t.co/NKDpWKH8xh
A lot of this discussion has just been, you know, not very journalistic. If the underlying facts are important, one should be journalistic. And if they are not important -- my thesis -- then they don't need to be discussed at all.
"If they had carried out this plot... people would've died": Four arrested in plot to attack Muslim community in New York https://t.co/gYID3hE2QW
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