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Jungkook Releases a Day in the Life of @BTS_twt in New #GCF https://t.co/uzvsowR2VR
Jungkook Releases a Day in the Life of @BTS_twt in New #GCF https://t.co/uzvsowR2VR


#TicketsOnSale NOW! Watch @Yanni perform his new song 'When Dreams Come True' for the first time in the #UAE on Valentine's day in celebration peace, love and tolerance! Tickets on @VirginMENA and @TicketmasterME here - https://t.co/NFZpwxUxMr #YanniUAE #ThinkFlash #Yanni
Word of the day: MOUNTWEAZEL — a copyright trap, after a fake entry in the New Columbia Encyclopedia about Lillian Virginia Mountweazel, a fountain designer turned photographer who died ‘in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine’.
The gov’t shutdown halted operations at the agency that regulates alcohol production and distribution — putting new craft brew releases on hold, stopping some shipments and preventing new breweries from opening https://t.co/24S0w2HHLI
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