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Let's take a look back at the 2009 Oscars red carpet, shall we?
The BRIT Awards were yesterday and people looked eccentric!!!!!
This might be a personal best, non-awards show division, on Christina Hendricks. Also, other people looked good at this.
Riccardo Tisci is an embarrassment. 2019 really is the year of WTF You Idiots. -H
Without taking away from Natasha Lyonne's excellence in Russian Doll, I want to give a hat tip to Charlie Barnett, too, whose acting and extremely kind face both moved me very much. The two of them were superb together. It just worked. -H
Excited to be giving away a copy of @SarahEnni's new novel, TELL ME EVERYTHING!

The Most Relevant

Let us all also remember that Dolly Parton has given ONE HUNDRED MILLION (not a typo, nor hyperbole) books to kids.
FYI, the Senate Finance Office is tallying calls from people who want a public hearing of the healthcare bill: (202)224-4515. It's v. easy.
We're not your customers, Jared. We're your BOSSES.
It seems we have the new 280-character Tweet ability. Here's how I'm gonna use it:

How to Help Puerto Rico: and

The US Virgin Island Relief Fund:

Mexico E
If Trump continues to weekend in Mar-a-Lago at this rate, it will cost taxpayers over 100 MILLION DOLLARS this year. But PBS has gotta go!
Hillary turn around there's something behind you girl TURN AROUND. #horrormovie #debate -H
I just got so irritated by Ted Cruz that I gave $25 to Beto O'Rourke - J
Everyone saying not to be distracted by the jacket seriously underestimates my ability to be pissed about multiple things simultaneously. - J
Trump: I don't know Putin. Putin's not my best friend.
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My face when Denzel beat out Casey Affleck. #sagawards -H
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