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Producer & Off-Air Reporter covering 2016 at @NBCNews. Instagram: (frankthorpv) Snapchat: (frankthorp) Also served as Chairman of the RTCA Exec. Committee.

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Here’s the transcript of yesterday’s @Comey interview: https://t.co/kbjgSs7Kv7
In addition, while explaining his support for William Barr's nomination on the Senate floor in Nov of 1991, here's how explained his support even though Barr said he believed the court's decision on Roe v. Wade was incorrect and should be overruled: https://t
SCHUMER: William Barr "will have a steep hill to climb in order to be confirmed by the Senate."
"I like the man," said of William Barr after the Judiciary Cmte he was chairing reported out Barr's nomination for AG unanimously in 1991, "He is a throwback to the days when we actually had attorneys general who would talk to you."

LINK: https://t.co/wgVELgBGOK
Aides on both the Senate Judiciary Cmte and the Foreign Relations Cmte tell me we shouldn’t expect hearings or votes on William Barr for AG or Heather Nauert for UN Ambassador this year. That would happen in 2019.
In letter to editor in the , says “stop bringing candidates with questionable track records on race before the full Senate for a vote.”

LINK: https://t.co/sa2HPy2SLv
There’s really no way to make a slow-mo black-and-white walking shot set to ‘Peter Gunn Theme’ not look cool, but , and I tried...
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Partial shutdown averted (for now): the Senate just passed, by voice-vote, the 2-week CR the House passed earlier today. Goes to WH for President Trump's signature.
Sen @burgessev discusses important legislative priorities with @SenJohnThune & @SenTomCotton —>
New bipartisan Senate resolution was just introduced stating “the Senate has a high level of confidence that Mohammed bin Salman was complicit in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi”

Senators signed on:
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