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After the Show Show: @jrodfromoz explains what inspired his song, “Old Glory” https://t.co/tVHHvk9kaZ
.@jrodfromoz performs his patriotic new song, “Old Glory” LIVE on FOX & Friends
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“Her whole life revolves around being that person in charge – she needs it” -@dbongino doesn’t discount the idea that Hillary Clinton may run in 2020
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French President Macron appears to take a swipe at President Trump’s ‘America first’ approach, saying “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism”
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“It’s a shame, it shouldn’t be happening” -@BlakemanB weighs in on the Florida recount of the Senate & gubernatorial races
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World leaders gather in Paris a century after WWI armistice https://t.co/JNjOVu3TE6
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Florida woman and son drift miles away from shore on inflatable swan: 'This could have ended so much worse’ https://t.co/mA6PGxYnHV
California wildfire ‘destruction is catastrophic,’ Trump says, urges people to evacuate https://t.co/BjzhtMy5Y4
Massachusetts mayor takes dog dying of cancer on cross-country road trip https://t.co/vk0rLcetqa
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