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I agree with you that the word alleged should have appeared in those headlines.
@charlescwcooke @FrankLuntzr @Julio_Rosas11epeating and reporting are two different things. Of course the quote was reported in news outlets but every article i read (and i certainly do not claim to have read every single article!) was careful to report it as a CLAIM, which remains accurate since he (still) claims this!
Dear all the people in my mentions disputing the FBI data I cited on air showing a spike in hate crimes, please get off this platform immediately and call the FBI because clearly you know something they don’t!
@FrankLuntz @Julio_Rosas11So the story was accurately reported but media outlets should have cast doubts on the reports (inserting opinion/judgement) instead of simply reporting what was being investigated?
Just because there was a fake robbery it doesn’t mean robberies don’t exist. Please do not fall for this logical fallacy.
When I said there is evidence that hate crimes are being committed in Trump’s name here is just one example of two men who cited him and repeated his rhetoric after urinating on a homeless man’s face and beating him with a pipe because he was “mexican”
Here is a good summary of the FBI’s report on how severe the increase in hate crimes has been since 2016.
@FrankLuntz @Julio_Rosas11And you should know better than to feature a media analysis that lumps TMZ and People Magazine write ups alongside rigorous journalism.
@FrankLuntz @Julio_Rosas11news outlets did not assign truth to his statement, they correctly reported it as a claim which is what journalism is. they reported it as being investigated which it was! the examples of reputable news outlets that you’re quoting in your tweet all reported a claim, not a fact.

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tfw you realize trump respects turkeys more than women.
Dreamers paid $11.64 billion in taxes in 2016. What about the president?
The president won't apologize to women so I did it for him.
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maybe the guy mixing up abortion and birth control shouldn’t be allowed to make laws about either of those things.
Anita Hill did not risk it all for us to ignore the Christine Blasey Ford.
As a woman in the workplace, I prefer to greeted with a firm handshake immediately followed by equal pay.
Two people ran the president's campaign. One of them just mocked the harrowing trauma experienced by a ten-year-old girl with down syndrome being forcibly taken from her parents. The other one is in jail. This tells us absolutely everything.
Never forget that Republicans made a survivor of sexual violence risk her life to tell every detail of the most traumatic day of her life for a pretend hearing so that they could confirm the man who assaulted her.
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