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Latest Scoops

Actor Jussie Smollett is under arrest and in custody of the Chicago Police, spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted. He faces a felony charge of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false report claiming he was a victim of a hate crime in Chicago.
BREAKING: Chicago PD spokesman says ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett is ‘officially’ a suspect in a criminal investigation for allegedly filling a false police report.
El Chapo's lawyer says Sen. Ted Cruz will pay for the border wall before his client does. "Sen. Cruz surely knows that the government has seized none -- not a penny -- of Mr. Guzman's assets so getting him to pay for the wall is ludicrous," lawyer says.
It will be referred to as the Basketball Africa League, and will include teams from several countries, including Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia.
Shooter in deadly Illinois rampage was not supposed to own a gun, police say
Two Nigerian brothers who had been arrested in connection with the attack on 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett have been released without charges
Nigerian President Buhari on election postponed at the last minute: "I am deeply disappointed that despite the long notice given and our preparations both locally and internationally, the Independent National Electoral Commission postponed " the election #NigeriaDecides2019
Nigeria postponed its presidential election just hours before the polls opened, citing unspecified "challenges" as the reason to moving the election to February 23. #NigeriaDecides2019

The Most Relevant

Sandra Parks, 13, wrote this essay about gun violence and its effects on children like her. This week, she was killed by a stray bullet while she was in her bedroom.
BREAKING: The American Bar Association urges Senate Judiciary Committee to halt nominee Brett Kavanaugh's consideration for the Supreme Court until an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations is completed.
BREAKING: George Zimmerman is back in jail, was arrested last night in Lake Mary, Florida, on charges of domestic violence w/a weapon
Rhino mutilated by poachers treated with elephant skin in South Africa
If Comey's firing was in Africa, headline in the West >>: Political chaos as regime purges powerful security chief
Chicago police say woman 'accidentally' shot and killed by officer’s gunfire. Another person was also killed.
In 1942, she was denied a book at N.C. library because she's black. She finally got her wish
Indian mob breaks into jail, drags out rape suspect and beats him to death. Plan was to hang him in public
Rebels stealing jewelry, credit cards, $ from #MH17 victims, Ukraine says. It's urging relatives to freeze victims' credit cards
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