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I'm @SkyNews Political Editor, economic crisis book @theDefaultLine Brexitologist. United ST holder. purveyor of bad jokes.

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“They are nothing to do with @LeaveEUOfficial we were reporting on a demo that’s all” says @AndyWigmore
You can’t seriously have posted your supporters literally blocking an ambulance from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital on an emergency run. Seriously, @andywigmore ? @Arron_banks ?https://t.co/BgKe11oFHh
@nigelmp It’s a fact, a change, of interest to viewers, & newsworthy (followed up every paper), a consequence of political decisions ..something that had been denied, until we established it.

Obv defending/justifying/welcoming it is your prerogative. But we’ll report what we want to. Ta.
However, what matters for a Number 10 fighting week to week is whether the DUP think it can wait until January to force the issue... and so will it be worth the Opposition tabling NC motion next week? DUP appear to be giving PM a week or two.
My take...

more lovebombing of the PM by Tusk, Juncker & Kurz, but no substantial response to the PM’s suggestion of “talks in coming days” on “further assurances”.
In any event the DUP and Brexiters need far more than reassurance and renegotiation of text ruled out....
Juncker - I did not refer to her as nebulous I was referring to overall state of debate in UK...after that she was kissing me
Tusk - we have treated PM with the greatest respect and we fully appreciate the effort to ratify the agreement. Treated with greater empathy than some MPs
Juncker uses the same “crystal clear” phrase as PM to say something quite different the Withdrawal Agreement will not be reopened by the EU27.

But praises the PM generally.
Juncker repeats concession from last night - second after Commons sign the deal we’ll start the trade negotiations - it was crystal clear that nobody in room agreed to reopening the Withdrawal Agreement in any way.
The Political Declaration will not be joined with WA (a May ask)
That was after Tusk asked when the talks of reassurances mentioned by PM would happen
Tusk: we want to facilitate the ratification protest on continent and the UK - yesterday’s conclusions are quite clear, we have to treat it as a good sign we are ready to reconfirm our reassurances. I have no mandate to reopen renegotiations. I’m always at Theresa May’s disposal
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