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The takeaway from this seems to me to be that the Senate should refuse to confirm Trump's chosen FBI director: https://t.co/THEa2bb7LW
So the Trump admin report on the Cruz amendment assumes we keep the Medicaid expansion and Obamacare's subsidies... https://t.co/MkjjDvpa8S
This isn't repeal-and-delay. It's repeal-and-destroy: https://t.co/jTshMyYfnu
This is only a problem if you assume Trump wasn't looking for a weak Russia ambassador... https://t.co/MnpW26mk2L
I was a bit worried Trump would do something at his Senate lunch today to undercut the thesis of this piece but nope https://t.co/CZM0RYhDvL
“The problem is we have too many ideas" https://t.co/O6dspeyRIs
If the Cruz Amendment is actually a good idea that will look good when analyzed, they can get a CBO score and show everyone
Sorry, but given this admin's lies about their healthcare plans, an estimate from Trump's HHS is worthless. They have negative credibility.
.@rortybomb's intervention into the neoliberalism debate is very much worth reading: https://t.co/7USSBKRLFv
Comparing tape of Obama defending ACA at the Blair House and Trump's defenses of the GOP bills is...illuminating: https://t.co/CZM0RYhDvL
You can’t make a deal if you don’t understand the issue or even your own position, and Trump doesn’t: https://t.co/xjOCLXKBv2
I keep thinking of the Senate R aide who told me, "If we get Gorsuch and avoid a nuclear war, a lot of us will count this as a win."https://t.co/q5WEZbVBTE
3 GOP women were left out of the Senate’s Obamacare repeal effort. They just tanked it: https://t.co/lcroohyvwX
The 8 people at Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting: a brief guide https://t.co/gERbTav1dp
Every time Republicans offer up an actual replacement, it dramatically, embarrassingly underperforms ObamacareL https://t.co/wVwzBqLseI
The key health care committees are run by Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden, and Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray. Let them work!
McConnell should let the Senate work the way it's supposed to work on health care: https://t.co/KujqdBow6d
McConnell is a tactician. Congressional GOP doesn't understand health care. They needed a president with policy vision. They don't have one.
"For Republicans, nothing was as exhilarating as repealing Obamacare without consequence" https://t.co/3tLzvBn4Du
The left-right-tech consensus around UBI isn't a consensus at all. The different policies contradict each other: https://t.co/QPh483u2IO
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