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"They made us. They gave the wings. They gave all the opportunities to us. I'm sure they'll be proud." -RM talking about the #ARMY has us in actual tears. 😭 ❤️ #TearItUpBTS #GRAMMYs
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You need mentors and people in your life to sustain you. You are also responsible for offering support to those coming behind you.
I hope that’s how you use the word stan...
Did I mention that Alex Acosta is now a Trump cabinet official? Right now? Still?
Announcing more tour dates and something else special today starting at 2pm ET! x
So excited to announce that @alessiacara is joining me on tour in the UK, EU, & US! Also, new dates have been added in North America at
On to brighter things. “I weigh” on Instagram, is almost at 400k followers of people who are tired of being abused, dismissed and erased. This space is for all of you. We want you. We love you. We think you’re cool as f*ck. ❤️
A true story of valour, sacrifice & bravery - told like never before! Catch the #KesariTrailer on your television screens tonight! #Kesari

@akshaykumar @SinghAnurag79 @karanjohar @apoorvamehta18 @SunirKheterpal @DharmaMovies #CapeOfGoodFilms @iAmAzure @ZeeStudios_
Stop letting it bother you, just let it go. Your mind can only take so much.
If you think Jussie Smollet having himself beat up is more concerning than a Trump-radicalized white nationalist with a weapons cache drawing up a list of Americans to kill, then you’re more confused than Jussie Smollet having himself beat up.
Breaking: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett is under arrest and in Chicago Police custody.

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They never talk about "a plan that would lead to" cutting taxes for the richest Americans, invading a country, etc. Yet it's always "a plan that will lead to" universal health care, "a plan that will lead to" reparations, "a plan that will lead to" anything like justice for all.
"Race-conscious policies" and "some kind of reparations" are like when fossil fuel companies talk about how much they care about the environment. Sometimes we just need to guffaw.
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