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The hunt for micrometeorites in #Antarctica leads to some fun in the Sun in a 7-metre deep trench for residents of Concordia research station. But about that writing on the wall...
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Developed under our ARTES Pioneer Programme, using an innovative combination of a plug-and-play test platform and software, UK-based SME @Open_Cosmos is slashing the time it takes for space missions to be designed and qualified for launch.
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🎥 Explore the #Moon with @Paxi_ESAKids in the latest animation.
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Join @ESAcleanspace for a #webinar on 1 March about our plans to remove #SpaceDebris from Earth orbit and provide in-orbit servicing. The event is open to all representatives of space industry in ESA Member States. Register by 22 February. 
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Applications to attend @IAC2019DC as an ESA-sponsored student are now open! @ESA__Education is offering university-level students the opportunity to attend the congress in Washington D.C., 21-25 October 2019. Apply by 1 May.
Beautiful! ... @BepiColombo look at these!
New result from the @ESA_Rosetta mission reveals geological stress arising from the shape of #Comet #67P has been a key process in sculpting the comet's surface and interior following its formation. #ScienceAtESA
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Affordable worldwide internet coverage one step closer with announcement of £18 million of @spacegovuk funding awarded to @OneWeb under our ARTES telecommunications research programme. #Satellitefor5G #Space19Plus

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These alien-looking worlds are actually surprising new views of Uranus and Neptune captured by @HUBBLE_space
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This NASA/ESA @HUBBLE_space pic shows NGC 1501, a complex planetary nebula with a bright central star. This bright pearl embedded within its glowing shell inspired the nebula’s popular nickname: the Oyster Nebula. See

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A beautiful #winter wonderland... on #Mars! This ice-filled crater was imaged by our Mars Express spacecraft. Korolev crater is 82 kilometres across and found in the northern lowlands of Mars.
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50 years ago today, #Apollo8 astronaut Bill Anders captured the iconic #Earthrise image of Earth rising above the lunar horizon, changing how we see our place in the Universe (🎥 produced by @oneshot_now).
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For those of you asking - yes it is water ice.

Mars Express first detected water on #Mars in 2004, see our release at the time More recently, the spacecraft detected liquid water under the planet’s south pole, see:
Fantastic news @philae2014 is awake! Details in @ESA_Rosetta blog #WakeUpPhilae
From green to brown in a month - as the #heatwave continues, the #Sentinel3 mission reveals how vegetation colour has changed in just one month.

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@esa 11 months
"Space, here I come" - remembering world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who showed us there are no limits to achieving our dreams. Our thoughts are with his family.
Top 20: a selection of @astro_timpeake 's best photos
Got clear skies? Look for #meteors! The #Geminids peak tonight. Guide: via @SkyandTelescope
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