This hour, Tillerson has...

1. Admitted not talking to Trump about Russia.

2. Set Rubio off about Putin.

3. Lied about Exxon lobbying.
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Really great work by @TheOnion here.
President Trump lays out his nationalist philosophy: "We will follow simple rules: Buy American and hire American."
Trump: "We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth. And we will bring back our dream."
President Trump: "From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first."
President Trump: "While they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for working families all across our land."
Here's one take on inauguration crowd size — and also WMATA subtweeting the President-elect.
Jimmy Carter actually isn't the oldest living former president. That's George H.W. Bush — who has a little more than three months on Carter.
Why does a peaceful transition of power matter? See what's happening in Gambia — where the ex-president won't leave.
Why does a peaceful transition of power matter? See what's happening in Gambia — where the ex-president won't leave.
Late to it, but this is a great look at Democrats in the wilderness from @IsaacDovere — who interviewed everybody.
Ellison talks Bernie Sanders' list, Haim Saban beef; Perez advises McConnell-style tactics. My #dncdebate wrap:
.@TomPerez critical of caucuses: "I hope we can find a way to integrate the idea that you just shouldn’t have to win the boss lottery."
.@keithellison: "What you write in an email could very well end up in a headline." #DNCChair
.@PeteButtigieg: "A reckless president could order me back to war tomorrow. This is life-and-death stuff." #DNCChair
.@keithellison's comment is important: He's backed by @BernieSanders — but big part of Sanders' value is his list. Clinton gave hers to DNC.
.@keithellison says @BernieSanders should turn his donor list over to the DNC. "Everybody has to give up what they have, he says. #DNCChair
.@keithellison says he spoke by phone with Haim Saban over anti-Semitism criticism. "I think we’re on the road to recovery in that regard."
On the other hand, this from Ray Buckley: "I agree with every single word from everyone on this stage. We are unified on 99% of this."
On one hand, the #DNCChair candidates hate this being seen as Sanders vs. Clinton part two.
The candidates for #DNCChair are debating at GW right now in a @HuffingtonPost forum. Watch live:
Can the DNC be saved? @keithellison, @TomPerez, @PeteButtigieg, other #DNCChair candidates ponder the clean-up job.
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