This hour, Tillerson has...

1. Admitted not talking to Trump about Russia.

2. Set Rubio off about Putin.

3. Lied about Exxon lobbying.
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A House Democrat in a district Trump won:
.@TomPerez, in call, says Trump's Cabinet picks "have received less vetting than the refugees under his Muslim ban."
About @jasoninthehouse and @seanspicer's claims of "paid" protesters: We were there and found no evidence of that.
Lots more that didn't make it into the story ... but here's one.
Lots more that didn't make it into the story ... but here's one.
New: 'Death panel' dispute erupts at Florida GOP Rep. #Bilirakis town hall.

From New Port Richey on @CNNPolitics
Follow-up note: My colleague @KyungLahCNN did find one couple that drove up from Arizona. They weren't paid. Everyone I met was in-state.
Spoke with #Bilirakis after the town hall re: who attended. "I think probably the majority of the people in the room were my constituents."
"You called me a liar. The congressman said the death panel does exist." #Bilirakis

The man on the left is a local GOP official.
"There are no death panels," the doctor tells #Bilirakis, and follows with this story.
#Bilirakis asks a doctor whether medical liability insurance is affordable. "At this point, yes, because I haven't been sued."
This woman says her granddaughter required $1.2 million in health care in first four months of her life. #Bilirakis
I was there and interviewed many members of the audience. None I spoke with were paid, and all I met were from Utah. #Chaffetz
Lots of "death panels" talk here. Rep. #Bilirakis says, "There IS an IPAB board put in place by the ACA."
This Trump supporter shouts "get your facts!" at the crowd. The crowd doesn't take it very well. #Bilirakis
It's not all pro-Obamacare here at this #Bilirakis town hall. This man complained about those living off "the government tit."
"Defend us from Paul Ryan and President Trump. ... We have a child in the White House." #Bilirakis
Watch as Rep. Gus #Bilirakis makes his case to a hostile crowd for Obamacare's repeal.
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