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One twist is all it takes to have the perfect #GRAMMYs Glambot.
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One twist is all it takes to have the perfect #GRAMMYs Glambot.

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You need mentors and people in your life to sustain you. You are also responsible for offering support to those coming behind you.
I hope that’s how you use the word stan...
Did I mention that Alex Acosta is now a Trump cabinet official? Right now? Still?
Announcing more tour dates and something else special today starting at 2pm ET! x
So excited to announce that @alessiacara is joining me on tour in the UK, EU, & US! Also, new dates have been added in North America at
If you think Jussie Smollet having himself beat up is more concerning than a Trump-radicalized white nationalist with a weapons cache drawing up a list of Americans to kill, then you’re more confused than Jussie Smollet having himself beat up.
Breaking: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett is under arrest and in Chicago Police custody.

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We're in the midst of a breakdown - emotionally, politically, economically, environmentally. It's like a skidding car; you have to let go and let nature realign it. We all have to enter a deep place within ourselves now, in order to summon the forces that will repair the world.
Well 'Into The Spider-Verse' is pretty much the perfect film isnt it. Didnt see that one coming. Game changer
These 3 mascaras all have sexy names—but this one really comes out on top.
Wanna know the one thing more extravagant than the 2019 Grammys swag bag?
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