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The season finale of #TheConners ended with a cliffhanger, a return and a twist that's really messing with our hearts. https://t.co/B2zFjyQkJW
Why Kaitlyn Bristowe Believes Her Relationship With Jason Tartick Is "Life-Changing" https://t.co/abpAafQcj5
Just the three of us. ❤️
Drake, Younes Bendjima and Odell Beckham Jr. have been sued by a man who alleges they orchestrated a physical attack against him. https://t.co/8pEfejj3v1
That might have been the quickest mystery #ThisIsUs has ever solved. https://t.co/GUKJuZ1t3Y
Counting down the days 'til February 8, brb. https://t.co/tC6fGoGV1q
Johnny Depp claimed he has new evidence that proves he never beat his then-wife Amber Heard. https://t.co/TGZzBzSBBJ
A Sopranos prequel is coming, and the role of Tony Soprano goes to none other than James Gandolfini's son Michael. https://t.co/Xc919EiWL0
Ariana Grande's track list has a song called NASA.

Pete Davidson has a jacket that says NASA. https://t.co/auoya3W1p6
This person's return to #TheConners is really messing with our hearts. https://t.co/CIV5fp9LEf
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