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Latest Scoops

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Visitation, Child Support and Their Never-ending Divorce: Why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Can't Stop Fighting https://t.co/4VwxezMfIf
How To Have A Baby In 10 Days https://t.co/I2xPXTfKFU
Ariana Grande is taking on life's rainstorms. https://t.co/IfArz8AErE
Johnny Galecki and his new girlfriend are starting their relationship with a big bang (matching tattoos and everything)! https://t.co/TQ2e8arMYy
We're not going to pretty lie and say Carrie Underwood showing off her baby bump at Disneyland doesn't make us pretty smile. Because it does. https://t.co/pHINDm9oix
Rob Delaney revealed that his wife walked in on him crying, as he listened to recordings of his sons. "Oh my God I want to hear him again." https://t.co/3F4fGNzAXm
Tiffany Haddish's #Emmys dress turned heads—and that was the point. https://t.co/xmlRKWSnuQ
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