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BREAKING: #Maduro military OPEN FIRES on Venezuelans trying to cross the Venezuela/Brazil border for international humanitarian aid. A dozen injured, one dead. Per @washingtonpost THIS IS A DISGRACE. MADURO IS A DISGRACE.
Allegedly is used in one case, not the other.
BREAKING: The owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, is reportedly being criminally charged with soliciting prostitution.
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This isn't even a close call. Republicans should join Democrats in supporting this resolution.
JUST IN: New York state prosecutors have put together a criminal case against Paul Manafort that they could file quickly if the former chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign receives a presidential pardon, sources say
This high-tech home for stray cats in China uses AI to keep the dogs out

Cats - 1, Dogs - 0
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It’s OUTRAGEOUS that #BernieSanders refuses to admit that #NicolasMaduro is a dictator. When you steal from your people, when you deny humanitarian aid from entering your country, when you JAIL people with opposing views - you’re a DICTATOR! And THAT'S the reality of #Socialism.
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It's @roweafr's editorial cartoon for the day. To see a gallery of cartoons, click here:
Reports of 2 people now dead. This is not good. The international community must stand up for what is right.

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If you want to become a millionaire or settle down early, “quit saving your money,” this self-made millionaire who retired at 37 says. via @CNBCMakeIt
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Getting lots of questions from wannabe short sellers, guys, it fucken sucks for small accounts, the fees are ridiculous and even if you find some sketchy broker offering them for less, the short squeezes make it far too risky, newbies get crushed time and again, I prefer dip buys
When Trump announces all the yuge results of the US-China trade talks, I just want you to imagine what we could have accomplished if we hadn't quit TPP and spent the last 2 years picking fights with every country that shares the same concerns towards China.
Cramer’s lightning round: Don’t sell Disney yet—you’ll want to own it long term #VetoTheGND #wallst
So you gotta choose. Get rich like a capitalist and then whine about how pointless your life is, put your name on buildings because you feel worthless, or do something that matters more, that’s truer, bigger, deeper. Basic choices. In America we want both, sorry, no.
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It's good to unwind every now and then so I hope you have a relaxing weekend too!
You don't want to date a person who makes this financial mistake, @kevinolearytv says
Body Cam Video They Don’t Want You To See: Arizona Cop Takes Down Knife-Wielding Jihadist
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