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And now … we dance!
And now … we dance!


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To clarify now that 800 blogs have written this up: this is not a Big Deal Scandal To Demand Congressional Hearings Over, it's just a funny thing I stumbled across. Don't harass the FB employees or @ me about "Suckerberg" or whatever, just chuckle and keep scrolling!
All 30 Dow stocks are currently trading higher. And only 52 stocks in the S&P 500 are in the red right now. TGIF!
GigaOm Webinar on findings from "Phishing Prevention and Detection Market Landscape Report" w/ Analyst @simonhg mentioning: @AgariInc, @Area1Security, @bromium, @Cisco, @PhishMe, @Forcepointsec, @Mimecast, @proofpoint, @solebit, @Webroot & more. Watch now: https://t.co/qqbcEzBBbP
Highlight: @Bubba_Trading on why gold’s a buy right now: “With some of the turmoil going on… I think gold will continue to climb higher.” He also talks about oil and the broader markets. Full interview: https://t.co/xpAujlCWBd
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Gotta love the sound of the cheerleaders long now who were calling for the plunge yesterday morning. Fun Game: find your favorite Charlie and fade them. Just don't tell them, it will hurt their feelings and we lose an edge.
Thank you to everyone who joined my town hall in Grants Pass this morning for a productive and thoughtful discussion. On to Medford now for my second of three town halls today.
#Hotspot: $NQ_F has been lower 87% of the time over the last 8 days between now (12:29) and 13:11 Eastern Time https://t.co/AMAzesQ8pm
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