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@DMC_Ryan Wow, thanks for offering to help! The coming week is incredibly intense. If any current Tesla owners who’d like to help educate new owners could head to Tesla delivery centers during midday on Sat/Sun & morning/evening on weekdays, that would be super appreciated!
Probably 2028 for a base to be built
Mars Base Alpha
Consider an ice skater. Same weight, but spins/turns much faster with arms in vs arms out. Same principle is true for a car.
@LanceUlanoff Front vs rear wheel weight distribution, though commonly asked, isn't the right question. You can have 50% on front, 50% on rear & still have poor handling if mass elements are far from center. Dumbbell mass distribution is bad, spinning top/dreidel is good.
Simple explanation of polar moment of inertia & other important car terms at https://t.co/CftQ1v9YCL
@LanceUlanoff Key technical point is that the polar moment of inertia (concentration of mass around center) of a Tesla, to the extent of our knowledge, is better than any other production car. This positively affects safety, handling & driving feel. Extremely important metric.
A car propelled by combustion is far more likely to combust than an electric car
Yes, when it comes to physics, make sure Newton is on your side
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