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Ed O'Keefe
presidential candidates appear constantly on morning daytime and late night tv but is the only dem contender w
Presidential candidates appear constantly on morning, daytime and late-night TV, but ⁦⁩ is the only Dem contender who can sit for a ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ interview and do it comfortably and completamente en Español.

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Staci D Kramer
the top autofills when i start typing dem in twitter during demdebate
The top autofills when I start typing #Dem in @Twitter during #DemDebate
Howard Fineman
now watching cspan cablecast of 19 dem candidates give their five minute pitches in iowa everybodys gotta be s
Now watching @cspan cablecast of 19 #Dem candidates give their five-minute pitches in #Iowa. Everybody’s gotta be somewhere.
John King
nh next for early dem frontrunner insidepolitics 8ae lbarronlopez jpacedc philmattingly michaelcbender
#NH next for early #DEM frontrunner: #InsidePolitics 8aE @lbarronlopez @jpaceDC @Phil_Mattingly @MichaelCBender
John King
this is biden week is it his dem party insidepolitics 8ae shearm mkraju rachaelmbade juliehdavis
This is #Biden week. Is it his #DEM party? #InsidePolitics 8aE @shearm @mkraju @rachaelmbade @juliehdavis
John King
will nancypelosi be speaker how big is dem majority insidepolitics 8ae shearm juliehdavis sahilkapur kaitlanco
Will @NancyPelosi be Speaker? How big is #DEM majority? #InsidePolitics 8aE @shearm @juliehdavis @sahilkapur @kaitlancollins
John King
rosen down in early nvsenate count but leading in washoe and no clarke yet perhaps a dem flip there
#Rosen down In early #NVSenate count BUT leading in #Washoe and no #Clarke yet. Perhaps a #Dem flip there.
John King
can the dem resistance platform sell in kansas insidepolitics 8ae llerer elianayjohnson mkraju jdawsey1
Can the #Dem resistance platform sell in Kansas? #InsidePolitics 8aE @llerer @elianayjohnson @mkraju @jdawsey1
John King
year of dem women or tilt too left insidepolitics 8ae agearan jfkucinich philmattingly toluseo
Year of #Dem women or tilt too left? #insidepolitics 8aE @agearan @JFKucinich @Phil_Mattingly @ToluseO
Live Trading News
president trumps approval spikes in dem poll president trumps approval spikes in
#President Trump’s #Approval ‘Spikes’ in #Dem #Poll: President Trump’s Approval ‘Spikes’ in…
Nilofer Merchant
as we stand together and and refuse to be divided we ll win send the message to dem leadership to do just that
As we stand together and and refuse to be divided, we'll win. Send the message to #dem leadership to do just that.
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The Hill
president trump i think iran doesn t know where they are i ve been watching and reading a lot of reports and r
President Trump: "I think Iran doesn't know where they are. I've been watching and reading a lot of reports and right now they're very mixed-up country. They don't know whether they're coming or going."
Al Jazeera News
south korea says it fired warning shot at russian military aircraft that violated its airspace
South Korea says it fired warning shot at Russian military aircraft that violated its airspace
@ANI 2 hours
s tharoor ex mos mea trump doesn t know what s he saying maybe he didn t understand the issue or nobody briefe
S Tharoor, ex-MoS MEA: Trump doesn't know what's he saying. Maybe he didn't understand the issue or nobody briefed him. Impossible that Modi will ask anyone else because it's our clear policy that we don't want a 3rd party mediation. If we've to talk to Pak,we'll do that directly
The Spectator Index
gdp growth 2019 india 73 china 63 indonesia 52 pakistan 29 us 23 brazil 21 spain 21 nigeria 21 netherlands 18
GDP growth, 2019

India: 7.3%
China: 6.3%
Indonesia: 5.2%
Pakistan: 2.9%
US: 2.3%
Brazil: 2.1%
Spain: 2.1%
Nigeria: 2.1%
Netherlands: 1.8%
Saudi: 1.8%
Russia: 1.6%
Canada: 1.5%
France: 1.3%
UK: 1.2%
S Africa: 1.2%
Germany: 0.8%
Italy: 0.1%
Japan: 1%
Turkey: -2.5%
Iran: -6%

Naveen Jindal
wish you a happy birthday suriyaoffl may almighty bless you happybirthdaysuriya
Wish you a happy birthday @Suriya_offl . May almighty bless you :)
Reuters Top News
louisiana policemen fired over facebook post suggesting ocasio cortez be shot
Louisiana policemen fired over Facebook post suggesting Ocasio-Cortez be shot
Guardian Australia
the sexual misconduct allegations against the full list of 21 women who have publicly accused the us president
The sexual misconduct allegations against @realDonaldTrump – the full list of 21 women who have publicly accused the US president

The Spectator Index
satisfied with way democracy is working india 79 germany 73 canada 70 indonesia 69 russia 59 uk 52 poland 51 j
Satisfied with way democracy is working.

India: 79%
Germany: 73%
Canada: 70%
Indonesia: 69%
Russia: 59%
UK: 52%
Poland: 51%
Japan: 50%
US: 46%
South Africa: 43%
Nigeria: 41%
France: 34%
Brazil: 28%
Venezuela: 25%
Spain: 25%
Lebanon: 8%
Mexico: 6%

(Pew Research)
go back to mexico if you want to keep speaking spanish contrary to these womens complaints english is not the
‘Go back to Mexico if you want to keep speaking Spanish.’ — Contrary to these women’s complaints, English is not the official language of the U.S.
ABC News Politics
are you from pakistan pres trump asks a reporter in the oval office good i want a couple of pakistani reporter
"Are you from Pakistan?" Pres. Trump asks a reporter in the Oval Office. "Good, I want a couple of Pakistani reporters. I like them much better than our reporters."
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