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zizi kodwa accused of rape encaonline encanews courtesy dstv403

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AFP news agency
breaking blasts hit two sri lanka churches during easter mass police
#BREAKING Blasts hit two Sri Lanka churches during Easter mass: police
@ANI_news 1 hour
pragya singh thakur bjp s bhopal candidate yes i had gone there ayodhya i had said it y day too not denying it
Pragya Singh Thakur, BJP's Bhopal candidate: Yes, I had gone there (Ayodhya), I had said it y'day too, not denying it. I had demolished the structure. I will go there & help in the construction of Ram temple, nobody can stop us from doing that, Ram rashtra hain, rashtra Ram hain.
AFP news agency
@AFP 35 minutes
breaking at least 42 dead in sri lanka church hotel blasts police
#BREAKING At least 42 dead in Sri Lanka church, hotel blasts: police
The New York Times
here are some things you can do to reduce your plastic waste
Here are some things you can do to reduce your plastic waste
Greg Abbott
law enforcement and government leaders agree that the dallas district attorney s proposal not to prosecute the
Law Enforcement and government leaders agree that the Dallas District Attorney's proposal not to prosecute theft of less than $750 is wrong. It promotes lawlessness and abandons the rule of law. #txlege
tara strong
if u asked why is this racist if u askedwhy did he resist arrest if u asked anything other thanwhy werent the
If u asked “why is this racist?” #youareracist.If u asked,”why did he resist arrest?”. If u asked anything other than,Why weren’t the officers arrested? Why r there repeatedly no consequences 4 police brutality against Black men & women? #JusticeForLucca
@ndtv 48 minutes
i am in constant touch with indian high commissioner in colombo tweets external affairs minister as six explos
"I am in constant touch with Indian High Commissioner in Colombo, " tweets External Affairs Minister @SushmaSwaraj as six explosions rock the capital of #SriLanka

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AFP news agency
breaking at least 80 injured in sri lanka church blasts hospital official
#BREAKING At least 80 injured in Sri Lanka church blasts: hospital official
@ANI_news 1 hour
multiple explosions in colombo and other parts of sri lanka reports sri lankan media more details awaited
Multiple explosions in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka, reports Sri Lankan media. More details awaited
The Int'l Spectator
revenue 2017 18 million 1 real madrid 750 2 barcelona 690 3 man united 666 4 bayern 629 5 man city 568 6 psg 5
Revenue, 2017-18 (€ million)

1. Real Madrid: 750
2. Barcelona: 690
3. Man United: 666
4. Bayern: 629
5. Man City: 568
6. PSG: 541
7. Liverpool: 513
8. Chelsea: 505
9. Arsenal: 439
10. Tottenham: 428
11. Juve: 394
12. Dortmund: 317
13. Atletico: 304
14. Inter: 280

Total(1) => 0.077356100082397 f_f_QM(2) => 0.052387952804565 indS(1) => 0.0078070163726807 indM(1) => 0.0003352165222168 f_u_GN(1) => 0.00084686279296875 f_f_dT(11) => 0.010554075241089 f_f_pTL(1) => 0.009972095489502