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eFXnews is a strategy newsfeed from eFXplus: A 2nd generation Fin-Tech app powered by major banks' Sell-Side FX.

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eurchf asymmetry in reaction functions after snb eurusd mraket to test ecb danske
$EURCHF: Asymmetry In Reaction Functions After SNB; $EURUSD: Mraket To Test ECB - Danske -
usdjpy thursday s usdjpy fade well on the way to its fibo objective
$USDJPY - Thursday's $USDJPY Fade Well On The Way To Its Fibo Objective -
audusd comment fed will keep stumbling audusd from falling too far
$AUDUSD - COMMENT-Fed Will Keep Stumbling $AUDUSD From Falling Too Far -
usd why dovish fed pivot failed to trigger strong usd weakness so far socgen
USD: Why Dovish Fed Pivot Failed To Trigger Strong USD Weakness So Far? - SocGen -
gbpusd behind the curve fed would compound yen rise especially vs sterling
$GBPUSD - Behind-The-Curve Fed Would Compound Yen Rise, Especially Vs Sterling -
gbp short brexit delay provides fleeting pound relief what s next mufg
GBP: Short Brexit Delay Provides Fleeting Pound Relief; What's Next - MUFG -
eurgbp 55dma stops bulls dead in their tracks
$EURGBP - 55DMA Stops Bulls Dead In Their Tracks -
gbpusd deflated by eurusd losses after german pmi shock
$GBPUSD Deflated By $EURUSD Losses After German PMI Shock -
usdjpy set for drop to test a key fibo while 30 dma weighs
$USDJPY - Set For Drop To Test A Key Fibo While 30-DMA Weighs -
eurusd speculative flows to underpin eurusd real money sellers weigh
$EURUSD - Speculative Flows To Underpin $EURUSD Real Money Sellers Weigh -

The Most Relevant
where to buy usdcad amp to sell eurusd morgan stanley
Where To Buy $USDCAD, & To Sell $EURUSD? - Morgan Stanley
german amp us yields topping out stay away eurusd bofa merrill
German & US Yields Topping Out; Stay Away $EURUSD - BofA Merrill
jpy boj to keep its cautious stance unchanged this week impact on jpy nomura
JPY: BoJ To Keep Its Cautious Stance Unchanged This Week; Impact On JPY - Nomura
gbp crash efxplus recorded massive profit on gbp shorts by citi socgen credit suisse
GBP Crash: eFXplus Recorded Massive Profit On GBP Shorts By Citi, SocGen, Credit Suisse
trade ideas for eurusd audusd usdcad ubs
eurusd volatile path toward parity by year end bofa merrill
$EURUSD: Volatile Path Toward Parity By Year-End - BofA Merrill
usd trading the fomc minutes views from 10 major banks
USD: Trading The FOMC Minutes - Views From 10 Major Banks
usd eur jpy gbp chf aud nzd weekly outlook morgan stanley
USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, NZD: Weekly Outlook - Morgan Stanley
time to sell jpy strategically a big move ahead morgan stanley
Time To Sell JPY Strategically; A Big Move Ahead - Morgan Stanley
august nfp feeling weak keeping our fed call for december hike bofa merrill
August NFP: Feeling Weak: Keeping Our Fed Call For December Hike - BofA Merrill
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