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Latest Scoops

This is Midge. She can hear a butterfly burp from half a mile away. Hasn’t stopped smiling since she was rescued last year. 14/10 good girl Midge #SeniorPupSaturday
This is Pennie. She went to the vet after refusing to eat. A blood panel revealed abnormal enzymes throughout her body. She was placed on IV support and is using an NG tube for nutrients. She’s trying her best to get better. You can help her below. 13/10

This is Archie. It’s his first time in the snow. Was not expecting these chilly levels. Appreciates the toasty chin scritches. 12/10 anytime Archie
This is Polka. She’s training to be a service pup, but cars are still scary so please hold her paw. 12/10 would never let go
This is Nicholas. He spent the first few months of his life fighting parvovirus. Now he’s happy and healthy and figuring out how his ears work. 14/10
This is Archer. He just wanted to play a bit of catch. Was not expecting such a bamboozle. 13/10 please say you’re sorry
This is Archie. He would like to show you his favorite bear. Quite an honor. Says you can touch but please don’t take. 13/10 #SeniorPupSaturday
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This is Donald. He’s a rescue pup originally from Puerto Rico. He had his first seizure a few years ago and none of the medication he’s been prescribed has helped stop them. He needs an MRI to find out what’s wrong and you can help him get it below. 13/10

Say hello to Leo and Groot. They have a commensalism relationship in which Leo benefits and Groot neither benefits nor is harmed. 13/10 for each
This is Clyde. He was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. There’s no pain associated, he just has to work a little harder to get where he wants to go. 14/10 would wibble wobble with
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