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Sick stray dog had weeks to live — until he met someone who wanted him 😍https://t.co/Z7uolvrAM6
When this woman adopted a pit bull, he was so scared and shut down. But then she figured out the BEST way to make him feel better 💞
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This naked guinea couldn't relate to anyone until he met the love of his life 😍
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This couple was getting ice cream when a baby squirrel chose them as his parents 💜
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We're celebrating all rescues with @beaglefreedom 💜 Reply with your pet's rescue story in a video using #RescueLifestyle — we'll RT our favs! 🐶🐱🐰
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Watch a tiny, blind kitten figure out exactly what she wants out of life 💜
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Can you guess this puppy’s breed? (via @HSSV)
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This adorable puppy was abandoned by a breeder when he was 1 day old. To his parents, he's worth a million bucks 😍(via @Roadogsrescue)
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The best people rescued these goats — just in time for a special surprise 💗
Dog has sweetest reunion with orphan puppy she raised https://t.co/Yn3L3Velap
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