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Latest Scoops

When Blossom the turkey was rescued as a baby, she went to live in her rescuer's house and immediately hit it off with the dog, Minnow 💕
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This big, fluffy dog loves to protect baby animals 💗 (via @boochaces)
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He was there for them when they needed it most. https://t.co/zHmjgZQzZI
“Aka has found his reason to live.” https://t.co/MzPOSbjOW0
"Brody was impressed by Leeloo. He has probably never seen a cat who hikes before" 🐶🌲🏔🐱 https://t.co/C3LfbOD2Gc
Choco was dumped at a shelter for being "too old" 😠 https://t.co/PIGkLQZ933
As soon as they saw they were back, they knew just what to do 😍 https://t.co/WbrUxZGuiO
“No elephant is safe.” https://t.co/j3itw7345n
"She was literally tossed into our life ... She was not supposed to survive the night but she pulled through." ❤🐶 https://t.co/HUjnfkj9jH
This cow just kept crying and crying. When her rescuers finally figured out she was missing her baby, they tracked him down — and the reunion was MAGICAL 🐮❤🐮 (via @GentleBarn)
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