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Otis the Aardvark/BB8/Dave Chapman drew this!!!!!
@RichardWhiteEsq @radioleary @EmmaBunton @BBCRadio2 @DisneylandParis @united @LindaRobson58 @actnforchildren Remember this well!!!! HOW LONG AGO!!!?!?!?!?!
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Just had a @Morrisons savers strawberry trifle to get me in the mood.
Quick power nap before we’re back on the night shift! @SURHUL 🤘🎧
I have you to blame for now preferring veggie sausages, mince and nuggets😂
Alongside choosing to marry my beautiful wife and choosing to have two gorgeous kids......choosing to become vegetarian from the age of 14 was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. 🌱 💚🌍
Well......that’s the first time since my clubbing days that I haven’t had one single wink of sleep through the whole night. Literally the WHOLE night! #insomnia
Literally haven’t had 1 minute’s sleep doing some professional parent worrying.
And.......as I become reduced to a snoring PIG, I spare a thought to the wonderful @ZoeTheBall GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! 🚀
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