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Daniel Dale
this is the second time trump has suggested that the military the police and bikers for trump could be mobiliz
This is the second time Trump has suggested that the military, the police and Bikers for Trump could be mobilized to go after opponents of his. He also mentioned those three at a midterm rally in November while talking about Antifa.
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BBC Wales
how has your week been
How has your week been? 😂
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Sky Sports News HQ
sky sources birmingham city given immediate nine point deduction for breaching efls rules on profitability and
SKY SOURCES: Birmingham City given immediate nine-point deduction for breaching EFL’s rules on Profitability and Sustainability. #SSN
Bleacher Report UK
not everyone can be hazardeden10
Not everyone can be @hazardeden10 😂😉
Bleacher Report UK
Imagine… 🤯
Formula 1
@F1 2 hours
next friday f1 bahraingp
Next Friday... 👀😍🌃

#F1 #BahrainGP 🇧🇭
Tottenham Hotspur
how our new home was built spursnewstadium coys
How our new home was built.

#SpursNewStadium ⚪️ #COYS
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Sky Football ⚽️
i hope man city get over the line before liverpool i couldn t bear to see them win it read
"I hope Man City get over the line before Liverpool. I couldn't bear to see them win it...."

Liverpool FC
@LFC 2 hours
365 days of milner magic onthisday last year jamesmilner joined twitter
3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣ days of Milner magic 🤩

#OnThisDay last year, @JamesMilner joined Twitter. 👌
Suresh Raina
the fever is kicking in arent you excited but hang on did you know an average match in produces 3 45 tons of w
The @IPL fever is kicking in! Aren’t you excited? But, hang on! Did you know an average #cricket match in #India produces 3-4.5 tons of waste. So, how are you going to help keep our stadiums clean? I'd say, go for the bins & #DontBeMeanKeepItClean. @SwachhBharatGov #SwachhIndia
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Middlesbrough FC
happy birthday to marcustavv utb
Happy birthday to @_MarcusTavv! 🎉 #UTB
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