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Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. I write about the 2016 election and other U.S. happenings. Reach me at ddale@thestar.ca.

Latest Scoops

Here’s Trump’s public schedule for tomorrow. (Public schedules don’t include all of a president’s activities.)
The conservative media ecosystem blasted the mainstream media for not immediately writing about the historic victory of Young Kim...who looks like she might well lose.
This is a Republican epidemic. The campaign of Republican California candidate Young Kim, whose own lead is shrinking as votes are counted as normal, is accusing the Democrat's campaign of "harassing and intimidating vote counters in Orange County.https://t.co/SDM0wzjDB0 "
The campaign of Republican California Rep. Mimi Walters, whose lead is shrinking as votes are counted, is fundraising by saying Dems are trying to "steal" her seat "after the fact" and warning that she has to make sure "vote tallies aren't tampered with." https://t.co/YY5hrrGHhp
The Associated Press finds that Matt Whitaker has some more in common with Trump: https://t.co/QiAlxOwTXB
Asked about the racial controversy over a fellow Republican referring to a “public hanging” while running against a Black man, Mississippi’s governor asks why people aren’t outraged about a real problem, the “genocide” perpetrated by Black women getting abortions.https://t.co/47cdkaJfcC
This concludes this year's episode of Donald Trump Does Diwali.
Struggling briefly to light one of the parts of the Diya, Trump says, "I thought somebody set me up here...where they think it's so cute...they didn't do that."
Trump, instructed to light the multiple parts of the Diya, says he didn't want to be selfish. Pointing at the journalists in the room, he says, "They'll accuse me of being selfish."
At his White House Diwali event, Trump calls up FCC chair Ajit Pai, then chides him over, I think, his handling of conservative Sinclair's attempt to buy Tribune Media: "I just didn't like one decision he made, but that's alright. Not even a little bit. But he's independent."
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