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Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. I write about the 2016 election and other U.S. happenings. Reach me at ddale@thestar.ca.

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Of course of course. But since we're all here, might as well talk to the people here.
@Mad_Science_Guy Yeah, the polls were mostly fine. But some of my July-to-November coverage reflected an overly strong belief that Clinton would win, and I suspect that was an issue for the U.S. media broadly.
I think it is clear that there were various kinds of very major media errors in 2016. I just see some people on Twitter responding to normal, necessary media scrutiny of 2020 Dems and saying "here we go, But Her Emails, 2016 all over again," and I think that's unfair.
And Biden is trying to do some early addressing of the liabilities in his own record on race and crime, particularly his support for the Clinton-era crime billhttps://t.co/6fTFvzFe4r:
Sanders, who was in South Carolina today speaking about racial justice, needs to figure out how to do better with Black voters (if he runs) this time than he did last timehttps://t.co/nTXRCLpy7g:
Unless Giuliani's goal is just to confuse people all the time, he is uniquely bad at his legal-spokesman job. To the NYT, he *spoke in Trump's voice*: he said Trump told him the Moscow talks were “going on from the day I announced to the day I won." https://t.co/fByHosLzdv
Here is the video. He did not cry. https://t.co/lCpNCYoaAB
Per the pool reporter, here’s what Trump said during a visit of “approximately two minutes” to the MLK memorial in Washington: “Good morning, everybody. Great day. Beautiful day. Thank you for being here. Appreciate it."
He wasn't crying or emotional, that's just how he looks
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