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. @KamalaHarris gets lunch with noted race hustler and anti-Semite @TheRevAl
Fake crime, real victims: Stats show how many people suffered because of Jussie Smollett's lies
Wake up: Fentanyl deaths are exploding and no one is paying attention
Good news on the job front, if you're willing to move
FDA moves to require higher SPFs and clearer labels on sunscreen
Conservatives battle over whether GOP should appoint cooperators or bomb throwers to Pelosi's climate committee
.@BilldeBlasio administration will pay more than $5 million after scamming @fema with fake Superstorm Sandy claims
Police say Jussie Smollett was "dissatisfied" with his $1Million pay.

It had tripled in three years.
No slam dunk for Covington Catholic student in suit against Washington Post

The Most Relevant

Kamala Harris is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest senator
Stanford told a frat their American flag was intimidating, the frat replaced it with a bigger flag
"We are standing up for your values," Trump said closing his rally in Springfield, Missouri. "We are standing up for our national anthem. To continue this momentum, you need to get out and vote Republican. Together we are taking back our country."
NBC sat on evidence exonerating Justice Kavanaugh, discrediting Michael Avenatti and his clients' accusations
Senator Lindsey Graham said he would further investigate the Hillary Clinton email controversy should he become chairman of the Judiciary Committee next year.
Emails show Washington Post, New York Times reporters unenthusiastic about covering Clinton-Lynch meeting
Trump on Hillary Clinton: "Look at what she is getting away with, but let's see if she gets away with it."
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BREAKING: WikiLeaks reveals DNC Chair Donna Brazile fed Hillary Clinton a second debate question ahead of time
Lindsey Graham plans to take a DNA test to find out whether he has more Native American heritage than Elizabeth Warren does.
WikiLeaks: DNC and CNN colluded on questions for Trump and Cruz
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