But here’s a clue to the weirdness: by leaving vacant Senate-confirmed offices, the personal power of the presidential family is enhancedhttps://t.co/fHBaPMLhmR
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Hmm you make a compelling case !
That won’t change. So long as he remains in office, his staff/his administration/and the country will have to adapt to that big fact. -30-
Which is another way of saying: it will never be normal. The president does not respect/accept/or even understand constitutional government
They are all constrained to pretend they intend to do so, and that they would wish to if only implementation difficulties cd be overcome
So while I very much doubt that a concrete proposal to empower presidential libel suits will in fact emerge from the Trump White House
The president’s words must at least nominally be treated as policy by the president’s staff & the larger administration beyond.
The president is always there, at the center of the system. His words cannot be disavowed by his people. They cannot even be ignored.
No matter how futile, wrong, or crazy they may inwardly think the president’s words are. Which is why the “axis of adults” thesis is wrong
So why couldn’t Priebus simply dismiss the question? Question answers itself: Trump had threatened it, so staff can’t disavow it
In terms of job-related work product, the Trump White House is the least productive in a very long time.
If (as reported) the Trump White House had not even drafted a tax plan as of April 21, it seems unlikely they’ve done much of anything else
A PS on Priebus comments this AM about “taking a look” at revising 1st amendment to permit Trump to sue news organizations for libel...
What Trump administration means by "fair coverage" is equal treatment of those "taking a look at" junking 1st Am and those who uphold it
I omitted Alex Jones !
Ask the 2/3 of Labour MPs who signed their names to fire Corbyn who really is the Trump of the U.K.
DuPont-Aignan one of the most virulent Anti-Israel voices on French Right.
Something to brighten the weekend by @natfrum & Joe Warren https://t.co/MQR83fXVm1
I’ve always admired Reince’s work at RNC. But those words should follow him through the rest of his career.
11) Perhaps those now publicizing the “Rothschild banker” meme on social media are unaware of these ancient resonances. Perhaps not.
10) & Drumont’s book “La France Juive” still circulates among French extremists https://t.co/Ic8al2B31L - right & left
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