This is so beyond troubling into alarming. US foreign policy has been sold for hotels & handbags
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"C'est la revanche de Dreyfus.” - Charles Maurras, 1944.
The first draft of this tweet must have been something.
Everybody's talking about Comey today, but maybe this story mattered more in the election's final week
@[email protected] know you & Heritage are strong on Putin & Ukraine. Kudos. That’s why it’s so weird to see you mainstreaming Breitbart-style Soros mania
Curious thing that “hundred days” in US politics requires success… the original ended in total disaster at Waterloo
Like any human’s, Soros’s record is mixed. The Putinists hate him for his noblest work: supporting democracy in former communist Europe
Not exactly putting America first !
Daily Signal validates the Putin POV on Macedonia for use by Fox News.
Heritage’s Daily Signal then endorses and publicizes the pro-Putin line
Trumpist groups in USA naturally take the pro-Putin side, concoct fantasy version of events starring George Soros
Putin backs actions by President of Macedonia
EU & NATO oppose actions by president of Macedonia
The underlying dispute is complex - and seemingly remote - but telling for future of Europe. Basic facts:
Sign of the times: Heritage’s Daily Signal adopting an anti-NATO, anti-EU, pro-Putin side in Macedonian politics
Moderate Labourites bravely face fact that Corbyn must lose so their party can recover. A reproach to Trumpist GOP
Will North Korea be the world’s next great refugee crisis? asks @Russian_Starr
Lively review by @kapskom of @michaelauslin The End of the Asian Century
This is eye-opening
OK, but optimistic scenarios that depend on a last-minute surge for the Davos candidate also don’t seem very credible …
“I will shut down the government unless Democrats pay for the wall I said Mexico would pay for.” Genius.
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