The most bothersome detail today: Russians hacked both GOP & Dem email accounts - but exploited only Democratic accounts
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please! Where?
You have failed me for the last time, Mr Duck @ Monterey Bay Aquarium
How we dread to be seated next to him @ Monterey Bay Aquarium
All about POV: good times for sea otters; bad hour for sea crabs @ Monterey Bay Aquarium
Feeding time for sea otters @ Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mrs. Frum tells me the reference will be lost on everybody born after the Kennedy administration, so …
“[T]he Republican caucus in Congress will find itself conscripted into serving as Donald Trump’s ethical bodyguard.”
Nunes protects Trump. Ryan protects Nunes.
As Trump rolls back Obama climate order, remember: a $15/ton carbon tax would create a lot of reconciliation room for corporate tax reform
Remember when we were all angry that Obama offered not a word of comfort to the demonstrators arrested in Iran in 2009?
President of the United States has had nothing to say about hundreds of arrests of journalists and peaceful protesters in Russia
ICYMI Essay-review on 2 new books about Europe and Asia in a time of American decline
If Nunes were effective, Trump would want him to quit.
Somehow expected more merch though ... @ Apple Campus
Like John Hanning Speke reaching the source of the Nile ... @ Apple Infinite Loop
The hardest thing to explain today about Beats: they wrote "books" and "poems" and nevertheless became famous
Let this sad panhandler be a warning to all @ The Beat Museum
This ancient machine came with its own external charger @ The Beat Museum
Lost ancient technology @ The Beat Museum
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