Trump wants *credit* for turning down a $2 billion foreign bribe???
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So can we have a proper independent investigation *now*?
Also possibly violating guidelines against lying
“Economic nationalism is incompatible with durable peace.” - Ludwig von Mises. Human Action, Ch. 24
Reince says Trump administration is about taxes & regulation. Bannon says it’s about overturning the global order. Nuances.
Bannon accuses DC of not understanding what it means for US to blow up multilateral projects like TPP. But DC does, better than Bannon.
Bannon impressively candid on CPAC stage that Trump top agenda item is to launch a series of trade wars across world
Just walked past two lunching young CNNers in plaza at 820 First. Overheard one say, "Jonathan Chait is really right about this..."
As Jan Bohnerman sings, "Maniacs with crazy hair? Ja, ja, ja, we have already been there."
Of all the CPACs since then, this one displays the biggest gap between what the R pols say on stage and what they inwardly think
Most memorable speech at the first CPAC I attended (1983? 84?) was Newt Gingrich: “Why liberals oppose a strong American present in space"
Maybe we’re living in a spy novel. Also true: 25% of Russian men die before age 55; median life expectancy for Russian men is 64.
Trumpism is instead the danger that true conservative reformers have spent the past decade trying to avert
It’s long been clear that orthodox Republicanism is disconnected from US life. EG But Trumpism is not a solution
Trumpism in office has proved uninterested in policy reform - but very interested in cultural division & power worship
The FrumForum work found little audience at the time, in large part because we also rejected the bitter polarization of US politics
I’ll add a personal note … Almost everything promised in above journal was actually done by writers at FrumForum 2009-2012.
Trumpism gets a journal of ideas by @DamonLinker
C-Span breakfast buffet. As if the Obama administration never happened
I’ll be joining CSPAN this am at 830.
Weeks before a round of state elections in Germany, AfD leader Frauke Petry visits Moscow for talks
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